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By onlineph ·
I have a PC P4 2.4ghz 512RAM. I cleaned the other day. I mean actual cleaning as in physical cleaning. I dust it. After the cleaning, I put everything in the correct place. Everything is normatl except no auidio at all. I check audio drivers and its intalled. My headset is new so its not the problem. I checked with the wiring in the mother board and everything is ok but still no audio. When I play music it just play but there's no auidio.

Can you help me diagnose what made it wrong?


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by Bizzo In reply to No Audio

Is the headset jack in the right socket?

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This cleaning - did you open the PC case ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to No Audio

How did you 'dust it' (if you opened the case)?

"After the cleaning, I put everything in the correct place."

Does this mean you cleaned the PC at component level?

I'm wondering if you may have dislodged one of the really small audio cables/connectors. It may 'look' as if it's connected but still not be making a good connection.

Also - the only 'tool' you should ever use for cleaning inside a PC's case is a can of compressed air. A 'duster' or cloth will inevitably hold a static charge.

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Re: This cleaning - did you open the PC case ?

by onlineph In reply to This cleaning - did you o ...

Yep, I dust it up to the component level. I cleaned to max that I tokk off all the parts including microporcessor. I had to clean the heat zink so I cleaned everything. Just today I rechecked if I have missed a loose conncetions but it was all fit in.

Is there a software that could diagnose this tyoe of isse\ur\w with the pc?

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