No audio in windows 7.

By TKMantis ·
OK First off all, I have 4 ways to get audio out of my computer. Firstly I have a Sound Blaster SB0730 Sound card. My ASUS motherboard M5A97 has Realtek Audio both analog and optical output. I also have a C-Media USB external sound card for my headset.
- SB Sound Card: Just a few days ago my SB sound card stopped outputing sound after a start up. It would display 'PCI Device' in device manager and could not find drivers even though none of the drivers have changed. Ive redownloaded the up-to-date SB Drivers but it does not detect them to be valid drivers. I tried plugging it into another PCI Slot and it finally detects them as valid drivers. After plugging in my speakers and play music, the system blue screens. So I give up with the sound card, unplug it and move on to the onboard audio.
- Realtek on ASUS M5A97: NOTHING comes out of the analog ports. I try to play music and nothing. At one point I managed to blue screen my computer when I tried plugging my headset into an analog out socket. OK SO Giving up on that as well.
- WHAT WORKS: The external C-media USB sound card works fine probably cos the audio is sent through the USB and the card does the rest. The Realtek OPTICAL out works fine as well. I have a feeling that the SB optical out will work as well but I dont have a cable for that one. Anything optical and USB works.
- Steps ive already DONE: Updated audio drivers. Updated windows. Rebooted. Unplugged PCI SB Sound card. Uninstalled Creative Sound blaster software. Checked my volumes and made sure 'mute' is not on and everything is plugged in. Made sure speakers & headset work using an Xbox360.
- I have a feeling that all my hardware is fine. Its something between windows and the drivers that could be causing the problem.
Q1. Is there something in between device drivers and windows that audio has to go through? Maybe Nvidia or DirectX or something similar. Im guessing the route is: Program > Windows > ???? > Device driver > Device.
Q2. Or maybe something hardware or software that handles converting audio from digital to analog before sending it to the device? Its cos optical works fine.
Q3. I found several 'Nvidia High Definition Audio' under device manager. Could those be the problem?
Q4. Should I start my journey and wipe + reinstall windows? OOOHHH FUN! XD

Recap: Both Creative and Realtek software says that analog sound is going out. Windows says the same. BUT both SB analog and Realtek analog out sockets have nothing. Realtek optical and C-media USB works fine.

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by TKMantis In reply to No audio in windows 7.

I was able to get Analog audio out through the Realtek speakers. Through the Realtek sound manager, I had to go through the device advanced settings.
There are two options there that made a difference:
1.(default) Mute the rear output output device, when a front headphone plugged in.
2. Make front and rear output devices playback two different audio streams simultaneously.

When set to default, the only 2 things visible in the Sound-Playback Devices control panel are 'Realtek Digital Output' and 'Realtek Digital Output(Optical)'.
Once I set it to option 2, I get two new devices. 'Speakers' and 'Realtek HD Audio 2nd output'.

Now a new question: What is 'Realtek Digital Output'? It might solve my problem with my SB sound card.... Maybe.....

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