no audio or video devices after reinstallation

By maurice.kirksey ·
Allright, I am just about at the end of my rope. I have just reinstalled windows xp. However, all of my devices for audio and video do not seem to be registering in their ports. I have tried reloading the drivers and running a search for hardware devices. The computer can sense when I have plugged the cam in but it cannot find the associated drivers to make it play.
Has anyone had this happen to them?

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This is very common

by tintoman In reply to no audio or video devices ...

In fact I would say it is only to be expected after a reinstall.
When you reinstall windows in almost all cases there are devices on your computer that do not get reinstalled because windows does not have in built drivers for them.
In most cases you would have been provided either with a CD containing all the original 3rd party drivers (possibly a motherboard driver disc) or there would be a partition on the hard drive with all the recovery files on it.
Any other devices that you may have installed yourself will need to be reinstalled from disc or from the internet.
So right click my computer, select properties, select hardware tab and click device manager.
Any devices with a yello ? next to them or a ! in a yellow circle need to be installed.

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Just a bit more info here

by OH Smeg In reply to This is very common

Any Devices that do not have Drivers Installed could also be listed as Unknown Device in Device Manager as well.

This isn't a problem if you know the Maker Model of any Add In Bits but if you can not find the Install Media to load the Drivers & Software for them this is a Major Problem as you don't know what you need in the way of Drivers/Software.

Windows just can not have all the different drivers included in the Install Media that is why Recovery Disc's from the System Makers are only of any use for the Hardware that they where made for, they are Slipstreamed Install Versions with only drivers for the Hardware that they where supplied with so they are even more restricted than the M$ supplied Disc's.

If this is a problem you can try this to identify your Hardware

But I'm not sure how well it will work.


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