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    No Automatic configuration with network adapter


    by jbbarnett19 ·

    I’m working on a friend’s tower PC. After removing lots of spyware, I want to make sure that the machine will reconnect automatically to their home network. The tower has one 10/100 ethernet card.

    When manually configured to an IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and dns server of my home network / router, the machine connects to the network and internet perfectly.

    When I change the TCP/IP settings of the adapter to automatically seek an IP address from DHCP (my router), it fails. The adapter shows a message of limited or no connectivity.

    I then opened a command prompt and ran an IP release / renew, and the error when renewing is “An invalid arguement was supplied.”

    The adapter is then assigned a ip address. I CAN ping, but NOT the gateway

    I checked the router to ensure that DHCP was running on it and that the DHCP range was larger than number of connected clients.

    Any ideas why it works when manually configured, but not automatically?

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      by jbbarnett19 ·

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      DHCP client service

      by sdrucker ·

      In reply to No Automatic configuration with network adapter

      Make sure the DHCP client service is running. Also you might try resetting the IP stack on the PC.

      From a command prompt, try the following:

      netsh w r

      then you should get the message:
      Sucessfully reset the Winsock Catalog.
      You must restart the machine in order to complete the reset.

      A reboot there should bring things back to life.

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        by jbbarnett19 ·

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        Thanks, that worked perfectly. Out of curiosity, what causes this issue? was it related the the spyware? Or something I wasn’t catching?

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          Most likely it was spyware.

          by bart777 ·

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          Spyware can do some really strange things to the network subsystem of a windows box.

          The only other expanation is that the user did it themselves. Kinda hard to just shut off the DHCP client service tho if you don’t know how to get there. 🙂

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