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No AV Discussion then funny how...

George started a blog and subsiquent chat about not needing AV software and then TR gets a:

Security Threats...
Spyware Horror Stories
We asked readers to share their scariest experiences with spyware, and they responded with a variety of frightful tales.
Get helpful advice for eliminating threats

All stories (totally unrealistic I have to say) underlining the need for AV software!

Example - Guy builds super powerfull PC - gets spyware, has problems to takes it to a repair shop. Now if you can build a PC from scratch then a bit of spyware is nothing really!!!


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Lost me, TechMail

by Tig2 In reply to No AV Discussion then fun ...

It appears that you are referring to related stories but I must have missed the links.

Or am I mis-reading your post?

I did catch George's blog on AV slowing a system. Regardless of what I do for my own systems, that is simply not advice I will ever pass on to anyone- quite the opposite, in fact. Most of the people I support NEED to have AV and firewall. End users are often unaware of the risks and AV and firewall help to keep them safe.

The ability to build a PC doesn't always assume the knowledge that the same person is software or security savvy. The only reason I say that is that I knew a guy who could build anything... but the OS had him completely confused. It used to be that if you were in IT at all, you probably could do some of everything. Unfortunately, that has changed for many people- specialisation, don'tchaknow?


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Nothing really

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Lost me, TechMail

It seems some 'HOT SPOT' links suddenly started displaying links to do with malware / AV as soon as the Blog at attention. Just an observation

(either that or I did not 'see them' before)

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Discovered this with the Pink Ribbon thread

by Tig2 In reply to Nothing really

The links at the bottom of a page are content aware. I am referring to the "Sponsored Links". They change on a rotation pattern.

If you were to pull up the Pink Ribbon thread, you'd find that the links at the bottom are either awareness based or technology based, or both.

Never noticed until that thread- when the 3 Day website came up.

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I disagree

by bfindlay In reply to No AV Discussion then fun ...

I am in computer **** right now, and there is no end in sight -
all because of spyware/trojan malware. Call it what you want.

I have two drives I cannot access, and a new drive that is running
as if it is swinging a tennis racket through a barrel of glue - all
started when 'virusblast and the like' showed up on my
computer. This stuff is DEADLY.

PS - I HAD anti-virus running at the time - it did absolutely
nothing to prevent or cure this. A total waste of money.

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to I disagree

AV does not defend against spyware/malware, just a virus.

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