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No Background/Wallpaper

By billy28625 ·
In my ?Display Properties? box, in the ?Desktop? tab, the word ?Background and associated box are ?grayed out? and do not allow me to choose a different background/wallpaper. The ?Browse? and ?Position? tabs are also grayed out and inoperative. I can only change the ?color? of the background. My screensaver does work; it?s the background/wallpaper that is unresponsive. Any ideas?.
Thanks, Bill

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by lowlands In reply to No Background/Wallpaper

Is this on a home PC, or a PC in a corporate network?

It is most likely a policy setting, run gpedit.msc

goto User Config\Administrative templates\Control Panel\Display and check if any limitations have been enforced. If your are in a corporate environment this might be pushed to you.

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by billy28625 In reply to No Background/Wallpaper

This is a home pc.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to No Background/Wallpaper

do you think you are free from viruii
does the account you log in with belong to the administrators group
have you tried another profile (ie user id?)

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by billy28625 In reply to No Background/Wallpaper

This is a personal home PC. I am the only user and I may have had a virus, but am not sure. I am running McAfee and SpySweeper regularly. McAfee did pick up aomething, but I just quarrantined it then deleted it and didn't pay much attention what it was. Just figured it was doing it's jpb. Then after rebooting, noticed no wallpaper & the day below the time on the tool bar, which wasn't there before. I cannot find how to remove the day either, but can live with that, just want my wallpaper back.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No Background/Wallpaper

First thing I would do is boot the unit into Safe Mode and perform the AV and Spy Ware Scans again and clean up the system. Once this is finished reboot and see if there are any changes. If there are not you can create a new user profile with Admin Rights and see if you can get the required access in the new profile. If you can delete to old Profile after transfering all your data across to the new profile but do not chose to delete any Data connected with the old User Profile as it will erase any moved data to the new profile. You can manually deletd the data and remains of the old profile latter.

Generally speaking it's easier to use the old profile to move the data from as you do not have the need to take Ownership of the files and if you have encrypted them you'll have free acess to them but you'll need to remember to transfer the encryption Key to the nw profile before deleting the old one.


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thats adware

by jacifa In reply to No Background/Wallpaper

go to the start menu and go to run type in msconfig and hit enter change the option to selective startup. then in the tab along the top go to startup look through these carefully as there will likly be a piece of adware as a startup item uncheck the adware's box and it should be fine - i've had the same probelm myself

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