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No Beep Code when Video Card Removed

By bcengu ·
HI, I'm building my own computer. Followed the manual to a "T" but computer will not post. I looked online for advice and was told to go with a barebones setup. Removed the mobo from the tower, have installed on it only the CPU w/Heatsink, I stick of Ram, and the video card. Mobo remained plugged into my PSU and fans are running smoothly on startup, but still no post. I removed the ram and restarted and got beep codes for that. Also the LED light is on for the mobo. I reseated the ram into different slots, still no post. Placed ram back into the original slot. Removed the video card this time and beep code at all. Fans all on, LED light still on, just no recognition of the video card not being there. I replaced the video card and reseated it. No Post. Removed it. No Post, no beep. Now I read in a post that if all I get is a blank screen but all fans are on and LED light is on and the speaker is working, that I should suspect the CPU. I just bought this system so I will return the CPU but I am afraid to remove it from it's heatsink. I understand there could be more issues once you break the seal between the pad on the heatsink and its contact to the CPU. Should I just bring in the whole motherboard then? Just not sure what to do when asking for this to be replaced. Motherboard and/or CPU.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.


System Specs:

Socket 754 Asus K8V-X mobo
AMD 64 3000+ Newcastle CPU
512 meg stick of Samsung PC3200 Ram DS
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro Video Card 128 meg
480 Watt Super Flower PSU

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by Jaqui In reply to No Beep Code when Video C ...

it's not the cpu, or no beeps at all. ;-]

it's the graphics card, if it's seated right then the card is gone.

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by BFilmFan In reply to No Beep Code when Video C ...

Are you sure the monitor is working? Check it on a known functioning system.

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by bcengu In reply to

Monitor works fine on two other machines I currently have. Thank you.

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by bcengu In reply to No Beep Code when Video C ...

Thank you for the ideas but both video cards work fine in my AMD 1000 T-Bird using an MSI board. I'm guessing that the issue is the new ASUS motherboard and that the AGP slot is malfunctioning, otherwise I would get some sort of beep when I remove the video card with the system off , then restart it?? I also use the monitor on other systems I fix for other people and currently does work with my laptop and a P3 600 MHz I also have.

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by dmiles In reply to No Beep Code when Video C ...

Check that motherboard is not touching any part of the case,this will cause no post

The card is not in the slot so that would not give a beep code,the beep code is a error code detected at startup

You should take the whole system in tact to be checked this way you donot have to remove the components,the computer store you are returning to will want to chagrge for checking it out

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by bcengu In reply to

I had to dismantle the entire tower, per other tech advice, and then placed it on the floor. I have the mobo set up on the box, on top of the foam padding and antistatic bag it came it. CPU w/heatsink still on it, 1 stick of PC3200 Ram installed and clipped on tight, video card installed and locked in by slider lock, and PSU off to the side with the 20 and 4 slots connectors attached to the mobo. No post on startup...shutdown, remove the ram and restart. 1 long and 2 short beep codes which I understand means a video error??? Video card installed correctly...triple checked!! Shutdown, reinstall ram tightly and remove the video card, restart, no beep code?? shutdown, remove ram and video, restart, 1 long and two short beeps only. So when I remove the ram, it tells me video error? What about ram missing error?? Very confusing...

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by willcomp In reply to No Beep Code when Video C ...

Although difficult to pin down a cause in no-boot situations, yours has the classic symptoms of faulty memory.

Replace RAM before taking any drastic measures and see what happens.

And before you ask; yes, failed memory will usually result in no beep codes during POST.


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by dmiles In reply to No Beep Code when Video C ...

1long, 2 short = Video adapter error Either video adapter is bad or is not seated properly. Also, check to ensure the monitor cable is connected properly.

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