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    no beeps , not booting up


    by redskin ·

    Hey Guys anyone tell me what to do about a computer that wont
    boot up. Has power to the mobo, to the cd, floppy, processor
    fan, and other peripherals.
    It is an ASUS mobo p4t-e 1.6 ghz processor
    512 meg rimm in pairs
    new HD that works
    I get no errors just not starting up. no botup screen no beeps.

    Any suggestions?

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      Power Supply

      by lhatcher ·

      In reply to no beeps , not booting up

      My first guess would be power supply.

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        Power supply

        by redskin ·

        In reply to Power Supply

        Power supply is good.

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          still could be PS

          by antuck ·

          In reply to Power supply

          Even though the power supply is giving voltage to certain items, it still maybe your problem. You can test with volt meter or if you can just test a different power supply. I have seen this many times where things will get power but system will not boot. Replacing the power supply fixed the issue.

          Also check MB’s capacitors for leaking or buldging. If any are replace the MB.

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      by lhatcher ·

      In reply to no beeps , not booting up

      Sorry I misread the question originally. Try taking the system down to minimum specs, mobo, ram, processor, and video card. if it boots with these components, start adding piece at a time, until you can reprodcue the problem.

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        been there

        by redskin ·

        In reply to Misread

        Been there done that :). I have the system at the minimal now , I
        even replaced the video to a lower model, no nic, no sound card,
        minimal ram, changed ram, changed HD, removed extras cd,
        cdburner, NO go

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      At this point

      by jdmercha ·

      In reply to no beeps , not booting up

      Do you have a volt meter? Can you verify the power is geeting to the CMOS chip?

      What’s you time worth? It might me more efficient to just get a new mobo.

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        by redskin ·

        In reply to At this point

        How do I test to see if it is the processor or mobo?

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          The easiest way to check if it’s the CPU

          by mickster269 ·

          In reply to test

          Is to replace the CPU with a duplicate.

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          Dont laugh but

          by jkaras ·

          In reply to test

          I had a boot up problem on my first pc so I took it to a local shop that was new and began shopping for a power suppy. The employee asked me questions and I knew my stuff so he asked if I brought it, he hooked it up to a new one, then he used a voltmeter on it for free. It turned out to be an over-torqued mobo that was grounding out. He didnt charge because he was trying to establish a business relationship hoping I would buy parts from him. You know what I bought a few parts here and there later, but not major parts because he was too expensive. Never doubt the power of a little PR. Other than that swap and boot buddy.

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      Have you…?

      by jkaras ·

      In reply to no beeps , not booting up

      1.Cleared the CMOS jumper yet? Most mobos have this to be done prior to anything else, its stated in almost every motherboard book and always overlooked.
      2.Reseated the processor and checked for any bent pin?
      3.Flashed the bios to a new version? have you checked with any forums on the product for any simular issues?
      4.Is this new equipment or used (all new? some old?)?
      5. DO you see the mobo led lit on ready mode? You sure you seated the motherboards down properly, that it isnt torqued to much grounding out?
      6. Have you attached the stabilizer 4 or 6 pin power adapter to the mobo?
      7. Give exact parts to gather a better option of possibilities. Lastly are sure all parts meet the compatability list of the motherboard?

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        One more thing….

        by davidfacer ·

        In reply to Have you…?

        I know u state you have replaced the RAM, but I have seen this problem before with mobos where the RAM is not seated properly or it has a problem with one RAM slot. Try seating the RAM (with no power to the mobo – this is important) in:
        1. another slot
        2. after cleaning the RAM slot (compressed air?)
        It’s amazing what RAM slot problems can do for a machine. Also, I hope you fitted the CPU when the board was on a FLAT surface – many P4 boards have been broken by people pushing too hard when fitting the CPU when the board is in the box.

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