No boot, no nuthin'!

By nebheprura ·
Laptop would not boot-up at all. Installed new motherboard and Windows XP(used to be Home now Pro version), turn on power, light comes on, but that's it. The same problem was happening as well before installing new motherboard. As I said, light comes on, no display, nothing. Does not seem like anything works at all except the light coming on to indicate power. Crazy! Any suggestions as to what could be the issue?

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From your question I'm assuming

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No boot, no nuthin'!

That the system actually worked at some point after the M'Board was replaced right?
If that's the case it's possible that there was something else faulty that dragged the M'Board down to destruction in the unit or you may just have blown the Power Fuse on the M'Boards Power Input.

There are many possibilities that vary between different makes & models but with the sketchy data that you've supplied here it's hard to say much more other than check the Fuse and remove the Optical Drive if Fitted as well as any other unnecessary items then try again to see if anything different happens. It also wouldn't hurt to measure the actual Voltage at the Mains adaptor and after some time the Voltage of the Battery as it's possible that the Mains Adaptor is failing to produce sufficient power to actually either charge the battery or run the NB.


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Sorry about sketchy detail

by nebheprura In reply to From your question I'm as ...

Original issue was laptop would not boot up at all. Much like this situation now. Power light comes on, no display, no action from hardware. So installed new motherboard thinking that would fix the issue. It did not. Still does exact same thing. Original OS that was with old motherboard was Windows XP Home, now with newer motherboard is Windows XP Pro. Once again, the motherboard was initally replaced to fix this issue, but for some reason it still exists. Puzzling seeing that motherboard replacement ususally fixes issue like that. Help!

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have you tried

by Sue T In reply to Sorry about sketchy detai ...

connecting an external monitor? It is possible that your video is bad. If you connect one you will probably have to use the keys on the keyboard to make the video active on the external monitor. mine is the FN F5 keys.

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