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So my uncle gave me this old laptop and told me to fix it. When i turned it on it automatically started system repair and it just ended with the message "system repair could not fix your pc...". I then decided to use a bootable usb with a windows to try and fix the problem with cmd. I decided to use chkdsk /x/f/r. But this process took 2 days to complete the 5 stages and on the second day it froze halfway through the last stage. I then turned the pc off and when i turned it back on i got a message saying: No bootable device insert boot disk and press any key". i then again tried to fix it with the bootable usb, i opened up cmd and i used diskpart. I then noticed that the partition has been converted to RAW, but hte problem is that i cannot convert it to NTFS because i get more errors. My question is: can i fix this ?
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