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    No bootable drive problem


    by j.runn ·

    I have had this error twice from one of my users. When they would come in and turn on their workstation, they would get a “No bootable media” or soemthing having the words “Hard Drive 0 error.”

    You know the average user, they didn’t give me too good of information.

    Anyways, they held down the power button to shut down the computer. When they restarted the pc, everything worked fine.

    Does anyone know what this error could be? and how to fix this?

    Our users have Dell Optiplex 755.

    If any more info needed, just ask. Thanks!

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      by j.runn ·

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      No bootable drive problem

      by dieseldog34 ·

      In reply to No bootable drive problem

      Sounds like a motherboard or Hard drive going out. Try putting the hard drive in another 755 and see if the problem goes away.

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      Things to check….

      by captbilly1eye ·

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      The reasons for receiving a request to “Insert bootable media into the appropriate drive” are:

      1. The primary hard drive is not connected properly.
      2. The hard drive is damaged, the operating system’s boot files are corrupt and need replacement, or there is no operating system on the hard drive (maybe it was erased by someone).
      3. Your BIOS is not recognizing the hard drive (in your case, most likely IDE0 – that’s a zero on the end).

      You failed to mention what Operating System the machine is attempting to boot into.

      XP, Linux, Vista…?

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        by j.runn ·

        In reply to Things to check….

        Sorry, Its XP SP2.

        I am swapping the workstation out with a fresh 755. I’m going to reimage the original pc and make sure every wire/hardware is connected correctly.

        When the pc boots up the second time, bios does recognize the hdd.

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      IDE controller?

      by mrpsycho49 ·

      In reply to No bootable drive problem

      Based on what little information is present, I would consider the IDE controller a prime suspect.

      How many IDE devices are connected? Are they all showing up in the BIOS? Does the hard drive sound like it is making any unusual noises to indicate potential failure?

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        The first thing I ask

        by kenone ·

        In reply to IDE controller?

        Did you have any removable media in the system? You know CD/DVD’s,thumb drives, etc.
        I usually find that they left their favorite music/game in the machine and then took it out so they wouldn’t get caught.

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          by j.runn ·

          In reply to The first thing I ask

          Haven’t used any I/O hardware on the machine. It obviously has a DVD/CD-R drive but she doesn’t use it to my knowledge. If so, she listens to music. There wasn’t any cd/dvd in the drive when I have checked lately.

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        by j.runn ·

        In reply to IDE controller?

        Yes they are all present and it is working normal without any indications.

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