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no cdrom

By dminahan ·
Maybe i can get some help? I ran a cd the next day the cd will not work. the cd does not spin. In device manger it does not show,also primary and secondary ata controller have a yellow exclamation mark. Someone told me go into safe mode remove maincontroller this did help.I have also been into every microsoft site i can find,they are telling me to add lines to my autobat.exe and config.sys. This does not work. What can i try!!!!!!

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by iori0083 In reply to no cdrom

how exactly did it happen? what was the cause? maybe the problem is in the machine. try to remove the drive and boot your pc. then turn it off and attach the device. chances are, the os will detec a new device. do you have the driver disk? i hope that helped your problem.

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Problem may be internal

by Thmiuatga In reply to hmm...

The yellow exclamation point for the drive in the device properties tab usually denotes a problem with the device driver. try reinstalling the driver. If it doesn't work the problem may be with the device itself and by that I mean internal. Are you getting the message "device not ready"? if you are there is a chance that the disc is not being detected in the drive by it's internal sensors which would be the cause for it not to spin.
an obstruction on the lazer lens or a complete blockage of itmight be the cause.
I had a similar fault with my Creative labs PC-DVD and had to crack open the case and fix the problem myself. If you are not afraid to attempt this yourself and want some guidance send me a message at andI will instruct you on what to do.

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