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No cheating..

By maecuff ·
So, I'm watcbing one of my favorite movies and I am wondering, who knows the character Felix La PuBelle. Don't google the name, just tell me if you know who he is.

I love this game.

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Wouldn't have a clue Mae

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No cheating..
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by Furqan Asrar In reply to No cheating..

Isn't that a french cat in one of the cartoons lol...

No idea...

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I guess

by maecuff In reply to No cheating..

That one is kind of hard. They only mention his name once in the movie. My husband and I play this game all the time, we throw out quotes or character names and try to stump the other person.

Felix was an asassin trying to kill John Cusack in Gross Pointe Blank.

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How bout

by jkaras In reply to I guess

Klatu, Verata, ni.........., oh it was defintely an "n" word, nickel, necktie. klatu, Verata, Nhmpmpmp.... there I said it.


And stop calling me Shirley.


Knock, knock next time! Did you see anything? No I didnt see you playing with your dolls again.

and my personal favorite

I'm here to chew bubblegum and kick some a$$, and I'm all out of bubblegum.

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Grosse Pointe Blanke

by BFilmFan In reply to No cheating..

Felix La PuBelle, played by Benny Urquidez, is an assassin who attempts to kill hitman Martin Blank, played by John Cusak, in the film Grosse Pointe Blanke. Blank is a hitman, who refers to his murders as "jobs" is at that reflective 20-ish point in life. He has been invited to his 10 year reunion and is given a chance to reflect on the choices in his life by his accidentally running into an old high school flame.

If I recall correctly, Felix La PuBelle is hired to kill Martin Blank, because Blank had accidentally killed a prized dog of a Mafia Boss, which was on loan to a fellow with a contract put out on his life, making him Martin's "JOB."

Benny "Jet" Urquidez who was a former full contact karate champion and is the only fighter to have retained six world titles in five weight divisions for 24 consecutive years. He also played Billy in Force 5 and a member of a street gang in the wretched Muscle From Brussles Streetfighter. He's also the referee in Diggstown, one of the few really stinky James Woods and Louis Gosset Jr. films.

Another film in the same vein, so to speak, would be Family Plot and Slueth.

And now you know why I am called BFilmFan. (grin)

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by maecuff In reply to Grosse Pointe Blanke

I'd have a hard time beating you at this game. The dog that Martin accidently killed was called boudreux.

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Dog's Name

by BFilmFan In reply to Yep

Now that I didn't remember...

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Know this one

by Jellimonsta In reply to Grosse Pointe Blanke

Bob, lives in a tower and has a pet rat? :)

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by The Admiral In reply to No cheating..

I know who he is.

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