No Connection After Router Reset

By reviewmymeme20 ·
After reseting my router none of my devices would connect again!, i figure it was a configuration problem and tried to solve it via a manual but my router manual didn't mention anything about how to configure the router for use.
i searched for tutorials online but none of them gave results too.
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If this was mine.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to No Connection After Route ...

I would not refer to the router manual on how to connect devices to the router as devices may have their own setup system and menus.

This may be just looking in the wrong manual.

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Re: no connection

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to No Connection After Route ...

Maybe the reset changed the password? The manual should tell you the default one.

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Ip change

by jacksonlogas5 In reply to No Connection After Route ...

after resetting the browser I Cnt change the laptop IP address. How can I do plz help me. I am not opening any site help me.

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Re: IP change

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Ip change

- This thread is about resetting a router, not about resetting a browser. So your post seems to be somewhat off-topic.
- What browser and how did you reset it?
- Changing the IP-address is not done in the browser, but in the Settings app of Windows 10. So resetting a browsers can't be related to your issue.
- Why do you want to change the IP-address of the laptop? I've never found it necessary to use anything else than DHCP.

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Call network provider

by Naheed Mir In reply to No Connection After Route ...

Never try to reset your router if you don't know how to configure it.
Now you can only log in to your router but the internet will not work.
You will also see a yellow triangle on your wifi signals icon. I will
suggest making a call to the network provider, they will solved it quickly.

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