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No connection light on NIC card.

By Shanghai Sam ·
I know this may seem easy, but I have been beating my head against a wall for aover a week now. I have posted to experts-exchange (adress at bottom) to help get this resolved but I'm having no luck there.
Here is my post listed below.

I have a Win NT 4.0 machine that wouldn't get a connection light to the port on the switch or on the
back of the NIC card. I have tried replacing the NIC card with a brand new one. I have tried using different
cables (both patch cables and wall socket). Itried switching the card to a different PCI slot. I've
checked the BIOS settings everything seems fine there. One of the weird things is WinNT loads the driver
for the card, sees the card for installation (I have reinstalled the NIC sftwr). It just wouldn't give
me a connection light between the switch it is plugged in to and the machine.

Here's why I'm stumped. This user used his machine on Friday and then on Monday when he turned in on
it didn't get a connection light.

reply:Have you tried another cable? I have seen them go bad. How long is the cable from the switch to this
users machine? You might also try another port if you haven't already.

my reply:

I have tried different patch cables, both at the machine and at the switch. I have tried plugging the
cable in to a different port on the switch. I have tried plugging the machine into a different network
outlet. I have tried installing a new network card. I have tried switching the network card to adifferent
PCI slot. None have worked so far.

As I stated before the machine worked on Friday the 23rd but on Monday the 26th it didn't. Any thing


There is more more at this address


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Try This

by Shanghai Sam In reply to No connection light on NI ...

Your most likely cause are :-
1) Network Cabling btw switch & NT machine
2)Configuration error or driver error ( i think you try that).
For 1**
Since you have done the card/port change , check the speed you are connecting as well. Is your switchdedicated 10 or 100 , go and take a look at the switch settings.Don't trust the switch if it says auto detectable , because some card don't work automatic.
For 2 **
Check whether is there any cards or interface blocking the network card connection ??
Is there another network card built on board?
Hope this help...

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Nice Try, and Thank you

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Try This

I have checked the cards connection speed and that seems to match the port that it is plugged into.
This is the only card 3cr990 3com PCI on a asus motherboard.

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Try this....

by diabetic In reply to Nice Try, and Thank you

It seems to me that you need to get a handle on where the problem lies.

First, eliminate the cabling and thenetwork connection. Simply plug another known working machine into that network connection. If it works, you have eliminate everything but the machine.

Second, and this is overkill, drag the machine into the switch room and plug it directly into the switch with a known good patch cord. No light? Machine problem.

If you are then using a known good NIC, go into network proerties and remove everthing. then go into the device manager and remove the NIC.

Reboot the machine with the NIC installed in a different slot and let the OS find the NIC. Reinstall the networking components.

That will resolve 99.99% of the problems.

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Just in case you haven't tried this

by DBlizzard In reply to No connection light on NI ...

Change the media type on the 3CR990 NICs, under Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98 or Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
1. Double-click the 3COM TRAY icon to access the diagnostics
2. Click on the PROPERTIES tab
3. Click on MEDIA TYPE
4. Click onthe arrow bar on the right side, next to Auto
5. Select 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX, depending on what speed your hub or switch is using
NOTE: The corresponding duplex setting should automatically be set
6. Click OK
7. Exit the diagnostics program
8. Restart Microsoft Windows
"This is right from 3COM"

One more thing, some hubs, Superstack for sure, have problems with auto negotiation. Connect the system directly to another comp with a known good crossover cable. If it works then it's not the computer.

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One more thing

by diabetic In reply to Just in case you haven't ...

The excellent post from DBlizzard reminded me of problems we have had using 3COM nics with CISCO gear. periodically the ability of the NICs to talk to the CISCO switches just seems to go away.

We've substituted an Intel NIC, and theproblem has gone away.

This makes me wonder if you have tried a non-3COM NIC in the machine in question.

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Intel NIC - magic?

by DBlizzard In reply to One more thing

That's really funny, the only co-lo server we ever shipped that didn't work upon arrival at a co-lo facility is the only one we shipped with a non-intel nic. The co-lo service charged us to put in an Intel nic and all was fine. They told us they have had the same problem with other brands on there switches but Intel Pros always work.

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It gets stranger...

by diabetic In reply to Intel NIC - magic?

While the NICs based on the Intel chipset do seem to work the best on a Cisco network, the driver installation software that comes with Intel's PCMCIA NICs is just about unuseable, since it does not contain all the software that it needs to do an install. Drives us crazy!

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