No control alt delete

By chief6226 ·
I picked up a non functional WS from a friend.
He claimed to have no knowledge as to what was wrong. Problem: The control alt delete function does not work. I thought the CMOS was corrupt. I then find that no matter what I put in the CMOS setup, the WS will not recognize the floppy disc. I changed out the HDD and the floppy. Both work on other motherboards. Where should I look? (The mother board seems to be working properly).

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by fungus-among-us In reply to No control alt delete

The control-alt-delete issue could be with the keyboard itself... until you can verify that each individual key performs the function it is supposed to... basically, try the suspect keyboard on another PC to verify the keys do function properly. You said "WS will not recognize the floppy disc". Is that the DRIVE or the DISC? If the DRIVE works on another computer, and it is recognized in the BIOS of the WS with all the problems, its probably the floppy controller itself, which means it's motherboard time. If the keyboard has been verified to work on another machine, or if you can verufy, each individual key performs the correct function, then you are correct.... the BIOS chip may be the problem. A BIOS flash/update may be in order.

Good Luck

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by Kiltie In reply to No control alt delete

is a keyboard control command, suggests KB or KB controller or no OS problem.

So why the question? Why are you needing this?

But for you to say this I assume that you can boot to an Operating System as well? or is everything dead?
Can you boot from a CD?

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by chief6226 In reply to Ctrl/Alt/Del

The WS will boot to W2K on a HDD. It will not recognize a floppy. It will recognize a CD. The KB works on a separate WS. I can get into the CMOS setup. I have pulled the battery and shorted the battery leads to bleed off the CMOS voltage. I have reset the CMOS but it still will not recognize the floppy or cntl/alt/dlt. I found out today that this WS had Novell running on it previously but that should not affect the rudimentary functions. I am at a loss, so I asked the question. I suspect that it is either the motherboard or the CMOS.
I don't know how to load a CMOS update from a CD as this seems to be the only external that works. I suppose it works the same way as the floppy as it is an .exe. Any ideas?

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