No Crapware!!!

By mopher ·
Does anyone know specifically what preloaded software I can remove from HP,Acer,and Toshiba without loosing functions such as wireless, built in media controls,etc? I have Googled but so far come up with only a few of the generic garbage additions.

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The stuff you don't want is always a good starting point

by OH Smeg In reply to No Crapware!!!

Though to do it properly you should delete the Windows Partition and the Recovery Partition install the OS again from a M$ Branded Install Disc and then just the Drivers from that Computers Makers Web Site.

That will give you a clean Windows Install with no possibility of any Crap Ware included.


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by mopher In reply to The stuff you don't want ...

I have had some success with this method, however it seems certain media functions are linked to bloatware, it is very frustrating.

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That is why it is easier & faster

by OH Smeg In reply to OK

To **** away the Makers Install and load from a M$ Branded Install Disc. You only get what M$ supply with their Already Bloated OS. When you add even more Bloat into the mix it gets impossible to proceed any further.

Most of the big makers are paid to use that stuff in some form or other and the only real way to get rid of it is to reload from scratch and never install it to begin with. Unfortunately a System Recovery Disc doesn't give you that option so they remain about as useful as Teats on a Bull. :)


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Good advice

by Jacky Howe In reply to The stuff you don't want ...

OH Smeg and just to add to that the bloatware that is preinstalled (a lot of it) will leave traces in the Registry. No Registry cleaner will remove it and if you want to remove that information it will have to be accomplished by manually editing the Registry. Very time consuming. That is best accomplished by using a Registry Snapshot of a before and after install of the software.

One product left over 4000 Registry entries. The Registry is the most important part of the Operating System and a healthy Registry is a happy client.

If you are unhappy with the bloatware at least now you have a couple of choices on getting rid of it.

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What About

by mopher In reply to Good advice

Have you tried CCleaner and PC Decrapifier? Will they clean the registry?

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I haven't tried PC Decrapifier

by Jacky Howe In reply to What About

CCleaner is the best that I have used for cleaning the Registry but it will not remove all of the crap. On a scale from one to ten I would give CCleaner a nine. You will still have to be manually edit the Registry.

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