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    no credit for correct answer? CSS Browse


    by mightyduk ·

    It seems some people don’t like to give credit if they don’t like the answer, regardless of it’s accuracy, posted in response to:
    Title: “CSS Browser differences. Why doesn’t Netscape work with this?”
    Date: Jun 7 2000 12:26PM EST

    Referring to the w3c spec for HTML 4.0( )

    HTML comments have the following syntax:

    Obviously IE ignores (or supports) the erroneous comment tags <-! ->. This caused NS to ignore the first style. If proper comment tags are used, it will work. NS follows the w3c specs quite closely.

    BTW: if you had the life choked out of you by the big bully on the block, you’d suck.

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      no credit for correct answer? CSS Browse

      by webmaster ·

      In reply to no credit for correct answer? CSS Browse

      Yeah, i’m new to TekRepublik and also noticed the huge mass of questions whose points were undistributed; Why is TekRepublik not dealing with this issue???

      This problem completely subverts the whole premise of the point-driven economy.
      (really, i’m serious)

      TekRepublik should have a time-out feature for questions:

      “If a question’s points remain undistributed for 15 days after its post date, then the points offerred will be deducted from the author’s own account.”

      Why, i can evensee the day that some accounts have negative point balances. 😉
      Why, i say, “Bankrupt the culprits!”

      Now, i know this isn’t a democracy… But, surely there’s a better solution than the status quo — a bunch of undistributed points, which is akin to burning paper money in a real-time economy.

      TO THE POWERS THAT BE : solve this problem!

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      no credit for correct answer? CSS Browse

      by sharpe ·

      In reply to no credit for correct answer? CSS Browse

      I agree many questions go unrated.
      I felt bad as the first question I asked was very important So I made it work 1500 points.

      And when I went to rate the answer I tried to give more than 2 people credit and found out that I could not do this.Many of the answers where excellent, I felt bad not being able to despense the points fairly. Not just between 2 members.

      What’s Really Going On!

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      no credit for correct answer? CSS Browse

      by jesalyer ·

      In reply to no credit for correct answer? CSS Browse

      Hmmm. I don’t see that there’s much of a problem with reneging going in.

      Maybe once in a while, folks genuinely goof up with the interface, but the same folks tend to issue ‘make-up posts’ to make sure the points get disbursed fairly. In one case, a poster even went so far as to mail the techrepublic staff to make sure that the points went to every single respondant.

      I was impressed with that man’s sense of fair play.

      jeff s
      spanish support analyst

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