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    No defrag, Drag&Drop, Open in new window


    by ptrsznn ·

    I am running Win2k Pro sp3 on a network. I had problems with Symantec Antivirus & uninstalled the Live Update module, but must have screwed something up while troubleshooting (& messing with the registry).
    1)Now I cannot run defrag,
    2)drag & dropworks between L & R panes within a single instance of windows explorer, but not at all between two open instances, (although cut/copy & paste still work),
    3)I cannot open a new iexplorer window with “open in new window” context menu option.
    I believe this is a registry problem, but need pointing in the right direction, please!

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      No defrag, Drag&Drop, Open in new window

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to No defrag, Drag&Drop, Open in new window

      I would first try reinstalling Live Update, if you have a Win2k disk, you can einstall the OS over your existing install to replace any missing files. Reinstall or run a Repair for Internet Explorer via the ADD/Remove applet.

      You can then try uninstalling the Sumantec nightmare but export a copy of the registry first by opening the registry editor (regedit)and clicking Registry>Export Registry File.

      Good luck

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