No device gets internet access while connected to network

By ChadVanHalen ·
Sorry if this is brief but i have to write this on my phone over a data network.

Recently my computer, phone, xbox, etc had problems getting internet. I reset the router and modem, unplug everything, etc and nothing. A few hours later after me not touching it, it came back up. Now it has been down again for a few hours and no amount of hard resets will fix it.

Most problems I've read through online have focused more on something with the laptop but none of my other devices can connect.

- Laptop and phone have full bars but cannot connect to internet
- Randomly goes up and down, not due to any extra or lack of devices using internet or time of day
- Connect laptop into router and still no internet.

After running a troubleshoot I'm told "The connection between your access point, router, or cable modem and the internet is broken"

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So have you turned the Power tot he Modem off and allowed the unit to clear

by OH Smeg In reply to No device gets internet a ...

Power Spikes often cause these devices to loose Internet Connectivity and all that is required is to remove the Power Lead for 30 seconds or so and then plug the power lead back in and allow the device to reboot.


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Reponse To Answer

by ChadVanHalen In reply to So have you turned the Po ...

Yes, the leads have been removed multiple times for longer and longer times with no avail, the computer finds the network and immediately goes to saying not connected to the internet.
The extension cord they are plugged into has been unplugged for a few hours while I'm at work hoping that will help

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Reponse To Answer

by nkfro In reply to So have you turned the Po ...

Put your network equipment on a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) with surge suppression capabilities. The UPS will feed your equipment clean power. The surge suppression protects the UPS.

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Bad Router?

by Merlin the Wiz In reply to No device gets internet a ...

First is your routers internal time within 3 minutes of the correct time? Second can you connect directly (wired) to the modem and access the net? If so you have a problem with your router. I assume you have a copy of the current configuration and can hard reset it to the original factory settings and then reconfigure it.

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