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By nanoo ·
I can only get a network conection through a static ip and not a dynamic ip.
I have an onboard land as well as netgear nic card and neither take a dynamic ip. Not only that but every so often I lose my network connection. My computer is the only one on the network that will lose the connection as well.
What is the deal with that?

Im running win2k on my work station.
This is a small office network, so it is no different then a home network, DHCP comes from the router and all the other computers on the network receive an ip addy via DHCP.
I have reset the router many many many times in the last six months, and since the other computer do receive a dynamic ip I dont think the router is to blame. I think my prob is a hardware issue on my machine.
Any ideas.

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by Roger99a In reply to No DHCP?

Could be the line your on. You might try another computer at that spot to see if it has the same problems. It could also be a software problem. You might try un-installing the nics and dumping you TCP/IP stack and then re-installing.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to No DHCP?

based on my understanding of your post, I think you nailed it. network related hardware. the nic. or cabling. because it sounds like you are saying it used to work. but i would want more 'data' before homing in...
exactly how do you know you have the problem (lose mapped drive? lose internet? lose printing?)
if i asked you to show me the problem what steps would you take to reproduce it for me?
when it goes down, what is the result of you doing: start/cmd <enter> ipconfig /release <enter>
start/cmd <enter> ipconfig /renew <enter>
is this a laptop? i am unclear but think you are saying you have 2 nics in your pc.
which or both give the problem.
is one or both of them wireless.
what are the nic part numbers.
have you disabled one at a time.
anything in the event logs.
did this used to work. what has changed.
how many pcs on this network
how up to date are the firemware updates on pc bios, nic's
what 2k sp?

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by nanoo In reply to No DHCP?

Here is what I have done so far to figure out what is wrong.
Currently I have a static ip to get on the network and get out to the internet. Right now it seems be the only way to do so. This problem is on my desktop. Both nics work with a static ip (one being an on board lan the other a netgear).
I have uninstalled both cards from the computer via device manager. I rebooted and installed only one and tried to use good. I did this with both nics and same issue. I have done and ipconfig and get for and ip and subnet. I dot the release renew thing, but nothing. The only thing I can think of is that the port on the router is not working correctly for dhcp (not sure if that is possible), but I would think I wouldnt be able to use the port at all.

The computer is about 2 years old and my company got it just before I started. I know that they didnt use the onboard lan because of problems with it. Im assuming do to DHCP but no one seems to remember. The had a different nic card in and one day I lost connect and went and bought a new one. This is when I discovered the problem. I have no idea how the other card was set up (static or dynamic).

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by ALPHAGEEK72 In reply to

Check to make sure that Internet Connection Sharing is not enabled on the machine. I've had this same problem before, and somehow ICS enabled itself and caused the problem.

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by matherg In reply to No DHCP?

Un-installing and re-installing TCP/IP should do the trick.

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