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By roshanpb ·
I have a compaq Evo D510 computer and about 1 month ago I had added a new AGP card with dual monitor capability, and a new 512MB Ram. It was working well until two days ago, when I saw that the display was not coming. As the computer had been ON since morning, I had restarted it by pressing the power button for about 5 seconds and turning back on again after a while. But there was no display, and every thing on the computer seemed to be working, like leds lighting up, harddisks spinning etc.
One thing which I noticed is that the lights on the keyboard does not flash too, and the led on the monitor is orange. I tried removing / swapping everything that I had replaced and at one point when I had removed the newly placed RAM the display started working.
I then tried putting back the new RAM and checked, it still was working. This seems really strange for me. However I let it run for one whole day, doing restarts in between and turning it off for a while and powering up again etc. and everything seemed fine.
So I shut it down at night and when I tried to power it on the next morning, the same issue occurred, the display is not coming. Did the same processes as mentioned earlier and it worked.
But again after shutting it off at night and trying to boot today morning, the display has went back to not working again.
This is real strange for me and not sure what the problem could be. Would it be the RAM? If yes, then why is it working once its put back in and goes back to not working after a whole day. Is there something that I need to be checking or resetting etc? By the way, my mother board had an integrated video and i have not done any disabling of that video when I installed the new AGP Card. This is just for information purposes, dont know if this has something to do with it. Any feedbacks would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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More likely the AGP card causing the problems...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to No Display

Despite all the verbiage of your post you omitted to mention what kind of computer you have or which AGP card you have fitted.

When you say "However I let it run for one whole day, doing restarts in between and turning it off for a while and powering up again etc. and everything seemed fine"

Do you mean you let it boot-up then sit doing nothing, or did you place the system under stress by running something on it?

Based on the configuration of most motherboards you can probably bump into the AGP card while removing and inserting the RAM. Rather than worry about the RAM I'd suggest removing and re-seating the graphics card.

Try it without the new RAM and put the graphics card under strain by running something intensive.

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Tried with the AGP out as well

by roshanpb In reply to More likely the AGP card ...

This is very intermittent and is a very strange situation that I am facing at the moment. When it was run for the whole day, it was like performing the normal activities, Internet browsing, word, excel, etc etc. After shutting down for the night, I come back in the morning and the display is not coming.
I start removing, each items one by one, powering up as each of them goes off. Finaly I have everything out, the new & old Rams and new AGP card.
I put in the Old Ram and connect the monitor to the inbuilt video, it starts working. Then I put back in the AGP card as well and it works too. So I keep it that way to see, if the problem persists. But today, again its happened. Now I need to try taking out the AGP card and run it as it was before to determine if it is the AGP that is causing the problem.
Is there some setting on the motherboard / bios to disable the onboard VGA?
And one more thing which I noticed is that when the display had gone out yesterday, I had just tried removing the CMOS battery, kept it aside for a while and put it back in, which brought the display back to life. I dont know if this rings any bell, but just wanted to put in as much as info as I could so as to go ahead and resolve this issue.

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How about replacing the BIOS Battery they do some really screwy things when

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Tried with the AGP out as ...
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Intermittent RAM

by mjd420nova In reply to No Display

This can be a common problem when installing ram cards to a system. Most often the slots sit empty until you want to upgrade, then when you put in the new card, it refuses to boot. This is caused by the dust and dirty build up when empty and the installation of a new card crams the dirt into the socket. You might get it to work, but when it cools down it failss again. Cleaning the socket with canned air and an acid brush can clean it out and get things going again.

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Will try it out.

by roshanpb In reply to Intermittent RAM

It had been working for a month now, however, I think you have a point there. Let me try out this option and will let you know.

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Have you tried disconnecting the power

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No Display

And not just relying on turning off the Computer?

Lets know if that makes a difference when you try it.


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