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By herman.ahmad ·
Hi. I have an old computer which I haven't used for a long time. It is originally a Packard Bell computer, which I had used beyond its Warranty period and had changed almost every part of the computer (due to it being spoilt) to something of almost equal specs to its previous specs. However, I still haven't changed the:

-CD Drive
-Floppy Drive
-All the wires (IDE, PSU, etc etc)

Nowadays, only my younger siblings use it to write essays or do Powerpoint for school projects. It had been working fine so far until yesterday, when my brother powered it up, it seemed to power up as per normal, except that the monitor had no display. Blank screen, with the monitor LED at orange mode (standby).

Cutting a long story short, I checked connections and monitor, they are well connected and working fine. I plugged the CPU to a neighbor's monitor. Same problem, powered up, no display. I figured that it's the video card's fault. Since I used an onboard videocard, I changed the entire mobo.

Just now, after fixing the whole thing together with the new mobo, I fired it up, but still same problem. The front panel display showed green for power and red for HDD.

So, after some thinking and checking connections and did whatever came to my mind, there was still no difference in the result.

I came to the conclusion that either the processor or the hard disk was causing the problem.

So, what I am asking is that can anyone pinpoint or provide a guideline on how to find the culprit between the two, or am I way off the target?

By the way, the previous mobo was a Gigabyte GA-8VM533.

As it's hard to find a Gigabyte one for such an obsolete mobo, I settled on a Biostar P4M80-M4 upon the salesman's advice.

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Here is the Web Page for your Gigabyte M'Board

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No Display!

The correct Model Number is GA8 VM533 for your information.

Have you tried a different Power Supply? These quite often fail and are a real pain when they don't produce enough power to start the computer but will light up LED's and run Fans.

Now to your problem you tested the Computer on a different monitor but did you test the Monitor on a working computer? It could be that the monitor has died recently I had this happen with a test monitor and wasted hours trying to find a fault with the computer.

But if the Monitor works lift off the Heat Sink and CPU and look at the Legs on the CPU and make sure that none are bent. As you have changed the M'Board that tends to rule out the M'Board but you could have some bad RAM or a bad Power supply which is preventing both M'Boards working.

If possible test the RAM in a different computer and then test the PS on another computer then if everything else is working the only thing left is the CPU but first make sure that everything is properly seated into the new M'Board as I've yet to see a Intel CPU fail that hasn't been overclocked.


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Could it be the RAM's fault?

by herman.ahmad In reply to Here is the Web Page for ...

Thanks for the note about the MB's name, I wrote an inaccurate one as I copied it straight from the receipt that I kept in the computer parts box.

Power Supply - I haven't tried a different one as I only have one working PSU at home.

Monitor - I tested it on my laptop, it works fine.

CPU - It seems to look OK(no bends etc). However, bear in mind that it is the same CPU that I had used since 2001; but never overclocked.

RAM - Since you mentioned that it is unlikely to be the CPU, I start to suspect the RAM, I am using the exact same ones from the old MB. Just to check, I tried putting in only one and running it, still same result. Is it possible that they are not compatible?

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It's very possible that the RAM isn't Compatible

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Could it be the RAM's fau ...

You'll need to look at the M'Board Manuals to see what RAM each M'Board uses and if you have the right type for that M'Board.


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by dreamguy912 In reply to It's very possible that t ...

I am typing this in the wrong place i know i am but i wanted to know if anyone knew a site to find out what processors can replace what processors cause im having alot of trouble trying to upgrade my pathetic dell 2300 dimension from a 1.8 socket 478b to a 2ghz 478 now they are both p4 but i cant figure out where to look that info up at or if someone here could help ....please..oh yeah also i have a compaq presario mobo is ms6577 iunno if that means anything but i got a 2.53 processor from ebay and i cant get it to work in that comp its a 478 also but its not a p4 i think .... ok see i need guidance ty ....

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remove the hdd

by Jesus_C In reply to No Display!

and see do you get the monitor to show the display on the bios.I suspect multiple items but if your monitor is not displaying anything then i suspect a dodgy graphics card and hdd.Also , firstly try the cmos battery first.

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Problem Solved!

by herman.ahmad In reply to remove the hdd

I finally solved the problem!

It's the mobo's fault. I went back to the shop and asked them to check. After the guy did some tests, he finally found out that everything's working wonderfully, just that my new mobo isn't compatible with my processor (which is already about 5,6 years old). So, he agreed to change it to a new one which is compatible with my processor. Now, I'm in the process of reformatting it and everything's going as planned.

Before I forget, thanks for the help HAL 9000 and Jesus_C!

In case you're wondering, I am using a 400 something (473?) pin processor, which they said comes in two versions. Mine is the older one and the mobo is only compatible with the newer one. If I remember correctly, it's something about the different voltage input values from the PS to run the mobo.

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