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By RG11 ·
For about a week the PC monitor was working off and on. Now when I turn on the computer and monitor, the light on the monitor will go green for 1 second and then go yellow and I have a dead screen. I cant even see the bios screen. The pc is running and "sounds" normal. Its has an agp video card. Monitor is about 2yrs old. I re-seated the card and connections. ???card bad???

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to no display

If a different monitor connected to this PC shows the same symptoms, your assumtion about the state of the card sounds feasible.

Try another card, perhaps a PCI video card.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to no display

First try another monitor on the system as I've had one of my test monitors do exactly the same thing and it was a faulty monitor that was going into Power Saving after a few minutes regardless of what the computer was doing.

If that doesn't cure the problem I would try a known good AGP card to make sure that it is either the Card or the socket if it works properly then you have a faulty AGP Card and if it doesn't work you have a faulty AGP Socket. But first try a different monitor on that computer or that monitor on a different computer to make sure that it is actually still working.

I wasted 3 hours trying to find a fault with a computer when all the time it was my monitor that was the problem and it was reasonable new about 18 months old and was the one that I used for testing computers on. I would try a different monitor first before digging around inside the computer.


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by master3bs In reply to no display

I'd only add this to the other two answers.

1. Try with a different monitor.
3. Try with a different video card.

But before you get to #3; first simply try reseating the video card. I've seen them come lose (don't ask me why) and putting it back in fixed it.

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by dmiles In reply to no display

Once you have checked the video card and still hav ethe same problem,check the memory modules to insure they are working and seated properly,I would suggest that you check the power supply connections and the power supply itself by checking that the fan is working.

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by RG11 In reply to no display

The monitor and video card are working. I tested those. When pushing the power button the fans all start up and everything. Now I powered it up without the keyboard and mouse plugged in and didnt get any beeps.... I am thinking the MB???

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by pctechmike In reply to no display

Has it ever beeped? Sometimes the speaker on the MB is not attached. If the light on the monitor starts green, then turns to yellow, it is more than likely a video card issue. You said you tested it, so it could be the AGP slot has gone out, or your power supply could even be the issue, not supplying enough power to all the devices. I would try the power supply first.

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by RG11 In reply to

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by lb63640 In reply to no display

Just a random thought...but are you SURE the PC is booting all the way? You might want to test your power supply, if all those other suggestions don't pan out.

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by RG11 In reply to no display

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