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By tbearwir ·
I installed a new modem and now I have no display. Reinstalled old modem, still no display. Tried another video card, still no display. I have a Compaq Persario. What could cause this problem? I worked on PC for years but I have never ran across this type of problem. Help!!!!

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by 1 Sane Nerd@Work In reply to No Display

what OS is this?

Try a PCI video Card instead of AGP to verify ur AGP slot.

Check ur BIOS, probably crashed, so forced it to refresh, by clear CMOS and set default.

u did not say if w/o modem - is there a display?

Try - Goodluck.

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by tbearwir In reply to No Display

I have tried a PCI video card and w/o modem but still no display. I will try and clear cmos. Any more suggestions. Thanks........

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by SysEngineer In reply to No Display

Sounds like it could possibly be something as simple as an I/O or IRQ conflict. What OS are you running...?

You could try Re-installing the old modem, booting into safe mode and checking for any conflicts the device manager.

Good Luck.

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by rkuhn In reply to No Display

Try and rule out the obvious first.

Check the cable...maybe while you were back there you knock the cable to the monitor just enough to bend a pin.

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by tbearwir In reply to No Display

I still can't fix my problem. I have no display at all when I boot my system so I can't go in to CMOS settings or windows. All I did is swap out modem and then the "no display" problem happened. I reinstalled old modem but still no no display. I tried a pci video adapter card but still no display. I tried another monitor, still no display. I cleared CMOS by taking out battery, still no display. I think that I have a motherboard problem. I am running Windows ME but that should not be a problem since display does not work from system startup. Any suggestions before I go the replacing the motherboard root.
Many thanks in advance....

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