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NO Display after Flashing Video Bios with incorrect one

By arifee.x.saleem.-nd ·

Please help, advise, assist.
I have had Problem with my dell lattitude D800 Laptop with getting out put display on a tv using the DVI Port, so for some reason i decided to flash the video bios, and i ended up screwing the laptop. The NVDIA Card was a geforce 4200 go, and i flashed it with geforce fx5230 something. Now i am not getting any display at all, the laptop is powering on still though, my laptop doesnot have a floppy drive so i cannot flash it again with the correct flash, and on dell site they just have a floppy flash and hard drive flash, and no CD flash. I tried connecting the external monitor through VGA port, but still no display, please help.

P.S I ahve typed incorrect email addy in my profile i just realised, can you also email me any advise, assistance on my email arifeen.x.saleem.-nd@disney.com

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by ywn In reply to NO Display after Flashing ...

Ther's no way to get the display back you will have to take the laptop in so that they can take the Bios out and flas it manually! You will have to supply them with the right bios though! Any electronic equipement place will be able to do it! (Not computer stores!)

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Thanks for the reply

by arifee.x.saleem.-nd In reply to Bios

Do you know where i can take in London.

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You could have a problem here as the BIOS Chips in NB's

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks for the reply

Tend to be soldered to the M'Boards and are not easy to remove without destroying them. I've yet to see a NB BIOS Chip not soldered onto the M'Board.

But what you really need is a EPROM Writer as this will allow you to program the EPROM but you'll need one of the same type as the EPROM on the M'Board of the NB. As there are quite a few EPROM Readers/Writers and they are expensive you really need to approach some place that performs Electronic Prototyping work where an erasable Electronically Programmable Read Only Memory Chip can be used to to replace a lot of components and test with. The production unit would need to incorporate the correct electronic parts and not the EPROM as they are erasable by Ultra Violet Light. However on the good side they are cheap in compassion to some of the other IC's mounted on the M'Board.

The only place that I know that sells BIOS Chips is here


Though to be perfectly honest I'm not sure if they can supply NB BIOS Chips as this isn't something that I've ever tried replacing. But I get the chips that I order within 7 days of placing the order in the US to AU so they do offer an excellent delivery service. This may be slow for your immediate needs but I think that if this place can make the BIOS Chip they would be your best alternative.

Even then this is going to require the dismantling of the NB and removal of the M'Board to remove the BIOS Chip and this is something that should be left to an Electronics Repair place not a computer repair shop as they just don't have the right equipment most of the time and they would chose to replace the M'Board which is more expensive but much faster.

This depends on if you can find an electronics repairer willing to take on the job in the first place and get the BIOS Chip in from the States and then fit it or better still if you could take the replacement Chip in with you and get it replaced by them.

If they are half way decent they will warn you of the possibility of damaging the M'Board as Soldering Irons do place a electrical signal into each track that they are applied to and can do damage to the M'Board & though not a common issue it can happen. I'm just not sure about NB Boards as I've never attempted to repair one mainly because they are cheaper to buy than spend more than 35 minutes of my time repairing. To dismantle & reassemble properly should take about 1 hour and the repair rates in a good Electronics Repair Shop will be quite high where as the Computer shop which will take as long or longer has a lower hourly rate for repairs so it is possible to be cheaper to replace the M'Board than to repair it depending on who is doing the work.

I hope that gives you some idea of what is actually involved here.

Edited to add The only place that I know of in the UK capable of doing this work is Ilmore the crowd that makes the Mercedes F1 engines as they have a massive Electronics Workshop on hand though any of the UK Based F1 teams should have this ability. I'm just not sure of who has what other than Ilmore, also I would imagine that they would be quite expensive but I'm only guessing on that one.


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Not to quibble or anything

by NickNielsen In reply to You could have a problem ...

but, since flash memory is a type of EEPROM, the BIOS in all modern PCs (since the early 90s) is "Electrically Eraseable Programmable Read Only Memory."

Otherwise, we couldn't flash it.

Back to the main point, any reasonable competent electronics designer with a flash prgrammer should be able to load the BIOS chip. You would need to provide the pinouts for your chip.

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That's the problem Nick

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Not to quibble or anythin ...

There are so many different PROMs around and all require a different writer to burn them. When I was writing these things we spent about $1,200.00 US on the burner that we used and that only suited one type of PROM.

With Computer PROMS they have changed dramatically from the cheap little 20 pin IC's that they once where to VLSI Chips that are held in position in a socket with their legs bent up the sides of the chip and have legs on all 4 sides. Though to be fair NB PROMS are far more basic so there is a fighting chance to get one that can be burnt easily.

The last NB that I trashed was an Compaq 2800 AMD of some description and it still had a EPROM on that M'Board as that is what I looked at before making the post above so that would be about 3-4 years old now and while EEPROM's are common place on Desktop M'Boards the NB's tend to lag significantly behind the development of their Big less expensive brothers.

Though to be quite honest I don't pull NB's apart for the fun of it to see what's inside them now I only look when I have some repair work to do or something similar that requires opening the case up. What can I say I'm Lazy.


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Or smart

by NickNielsen In reply to That's the problem Nick

Nobody opens a notebook unless he has to!

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My record for having a NB destroyed is 2 hours

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Or smart

I setup the NB where I was instructed to under a Base Station for a 2 way communication set. I did suggest that having the Mic holding clip where it was wasn't such a good idea and offered to move it to a safer location. This was refused and while I was driving home I got a phone call for a new monitor as apparently the Mic had fallen off the hook and swung down on it's lead and smashed the NB's Screen.

The Idiot expected this damage to be covered by the guarantee as well.

When I replaced the unit I made sure that it was moved to a different location but the next time that I went back there it was again under the Base Station and the Mic hadn't been moved. :0


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Isn't that the definition of insanity?

by NickNielsen In reply to Or smart

Repeating the same action under the same conditions and expecting different results? :^0

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That's what I would say as well

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Or smart

I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the replacement NB in the same position as the one that he destroyed.

Though to be fair I did change the position of the Mic holder after seeing this. Maybe that had some impact on the NB surviving.


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