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No display at all!

By jtpaderes ·
Good Day Guys!

I have a P4 1.8 GHz Processor, P4MDUT Mainboard with VIA Chipset and built-in Video & Audion, 128 MB DDR PC-266 RAM.

Now my problem, my computer always hung-up and automatically turned-off when I boot it up. I re-install my OS w/c is the Windows XP Professional. When I set everything in the CMOS even in a long period of time, everything is OK, also in Windows Installation up to the fiest boot-up. After evrything on Windows is installed, when I boot-it up again and displays the Windows XP Professional LOgo, the monitor's light turned into Orange (w/c is the normal is Green)and no diplays at all.

I tried to replaced the Memory, I put an external Video card, replace the Power Supply, clear the CMOS but the same result.

Can you help me guys? Is there any other way? Thank you very much in advance.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No display at all!

It sounds as if the Video feed is being stopped by the computer. It's possible that your latest Windows Install has not taken properly and is falling over after the XP Splash Screen.

Also have you tried turning off the monitor leave it shut down for about 30 seconds and then turn it back on?

I was caught out by one of my Test Monitors going bad with a heat sensitive problem a while ago and I wasted hours trying to get the computer to work when all the time it was the monitor which was doing exactly the same thing switching from active to standby.


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by popeterson In reply to No display at all!

Interesting one.. Have you tried to boot it up in save mode? If so does it boot up to your desktop then.
Getting into the more technical side. Has this computer ever function with the current hardware in the machine. My normal steps. 1st Visualy check all cables in case and out. Look for fray's in lines Pin's Bent any IDE Ribbons that area crimped funny or stretched. Next in line for visual. Remove any cards in slots including any slot installed Video Card. (Since the board has a Onboard Video. Everything But The Hard drive to boot from. Disconnect all CD Rom's including the power. Remove the cables from the board other then the drive,try to boot the machine. Next, Make sure you don't see any Cap's (Looks like little barrels on the board) Bulging out on the top of them maby even a little bit of Rust like film on the top of them. This is something that is missed by a lot of tech's till the discust part of replaceing the board then realize that it couldn't have been realized in the beguinning. Also make sure the board is dust free when doing this.

Next I would try a fresh reinstall of windows XP. **replug in your cd-rom at this time** When i mean fresh. I mean Boot up with a Windows 95/98 diskette and Fdisk the drive remove the partition. Restart the install of Windows XP. The install will ask you about how to format the drive. Always choose NTFS (Not the quick format)

Still problems when booting up. Restart the computer Go into the Cmos setup, Disable any sort of Cacheing (Video, Bios, etc) Also while in here disable your built in Audio, Modem, and LAN if your board has it. save and restart once again. If no luck. I would try different memory Slot. Then a different Hard drive.

I don't see a monitor problem in this situation. I feal that there is a Blue screen of death that's not being seen here. Check it out. Let me know. There is always more to try.

Good Luck.

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by zlitocook In reply to No display at all!

Just a thought did you load the CD that came with the motherboard? The on board video may be something that XP dose no recognize or may not be on the HAL list for MS. Check the motherboard website for FAQ's or troubleshooting tips. Have you tried a different monitor?

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by Quaint_Data In reply to No display at all!

Sounds like the video card is not installed correctly, restart tappingf8 continously, in the advanced options look down the list and choose start my computer in VGA mode.
See if you can get into your windows now.
The display will be very big. check the drivers for the video card in device manager, at the start menue r/click my computer then properties hardware device manager.
If you are using an external video card does this mean plugged into the mainboard? or thru a usb device, do you have an onboard video card inbuilt? You may have to check this in the bios.
What is this eternal video card?
Do you have the mainboard manual and cd?
If all fails after this then maybe the fuse is gone on the monitor.

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by jtpaderes In reply to No display at all!

I also tried the following but still the problem exist. (1)install a separate video card and disabled its built-in on the motherboard. (2) Install also thrice the O.S. (3) and lately cleanse the motherboard to remove some corrosion and dust. I encountered a blue screen of death when I boot that somewhat described 'bout the atapi.sys. thanks..

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