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no display, no beep

By obetskie ·
I am a beginner computer technician. A certain customer ask me to repair her computer and saying that when she opened her computer there's no display on the monitor. And what I did are as follows:

1. Removed the RAM and clean and reseated one by one.
2. Removed Video Card and clean and reseated.
3. Changed the PSU (500 watts) with known good one.
4. CPU reseated, Cleaned heat sink and put some thermal paste on CPU.
5. Clear CMOS by moving the jumper from 1-2, 2-3 and 1-2. Likewise I removed the CMOS battery for an hour.

After I finished the above steps the problem remain the same and my next steps are as follows:

1. Tried the RAM stick into another computer it works.
2. Tried the Video Card into another Computer it works.
3. Tried the PSU into another computer it works too.
4. Removed the Mobo from the chassis (for grounded issue) and put it on top of an empty box and power on the computer with CPU, video card, RAM and PSU only.

After doing those steps above there was a time that it boot once but up to RAM test only and it freezes. and after clearing the CMOS the the PSU will turn on without pressing the power switch. and sometimes the PSU will not turn on when i press the power switch. I shorted the power switch directly on mobo in order the PSU will turn on.

Oh this problem really get me sick. Do you think the CPU or the mobo is the culprit of my problem.

Note:If i turn on the computer without the RAM it gives continouous long Beep. Also I notice one capacitor near the CPU bloated a little bit. I said a bloated because the rest of the capacitors are very flat with X.

Please help and thanks a lot

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Well swollen Capacitors are never a good sign

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to no display, no beep

But what Make & Model M'Board is that?

Also have you considered that it has the wrong RAM for this M'Board or maybe even incompatible Chip Sets on things like the Video Card and M'Board?

I however would be very concerned with any signs of Failing Electrolytic Capacitors and be looking at a replacement M'Board sooner rather than latter.


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I will go along with HAL 9000 on this...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to no display, no beep

A new motherboard is what is needed here. Any capacitors that are rounded on top is not a good sign. Get hold of a new or second hand board and test the componants (harddrive, memory etc) out on it, if it all works then you will know that the capacitor was the culprit.
Post back if you have any more problems.

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