No Display on Monitor - Single Beep - Fan Working

By sapgeek ·
Hi Experts,

This is regarding the Acer Veriton M2 series desktop computer which is not sending any display on monitor (tested to be working fine).

1. There is light on the power button of computer
2. The computer starts with one

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bad video card? nt

by PurpleSkys In reply to No Display on Monitor - S ...
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It does sound like a faulty video adapter...

Are you using an "on-board" video adapter? or a card?
Have you tested your monitor on another computer?
Anyway, you could open it up if it's not under some sort of warranty,
then check all adapters, memory modules, etc. to make sure nothing
has worked loose. While you're in there, might as well clean out any
dust that may have accumulated. Reassemble and try it again.

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Also if you have both On Board Video and a Plug In Card

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No Display on Monitor - S ...

Is the Monitor connected to the Plug In Card as apposed to the On Board Video Out?

If it's connected to the On Board Video that will never work any time with a Plug in Card.

Also if you have a Plug In Card particularly if it's an AGP type you'll need to reseat the card to make sure it hasn't moved in it's socket and broken contact with the pins inside the socket.

If it's still not working finally test the unit with a Known Good Power Supply just because fans spin or LED's light up in no way implies that the different Power Rails of the Power Supply are producing the correct voltages or for that matter any current at all just enough power to light a LED which can be under 1 V commonly and start a fan spinning that can happen with under 3 V DC when you have a 12 V DC Fan..


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Check presence on network

by mckameh1 In reply to No Display on Monitor - S ...

To check if this is only a problem with the video, let the computer boot and leave alone for some minutes, then check from another computer on the same network to see if it is present on the network.

If yes, then the computer is fine but there is a problem with the video card or contacts.
If not, then the problem is more serious - taking the computer to a repairman is then probably the right solution.

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by sapgeek In reply to No Display on Monitor - S ...

Thank you all for being so kind and informative.
The problem was due to the monitor being connected to the wrong VGA port. But all the suggestions were very helpful while cause elimination.

Best Regards.

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