No Display with new quad core

By twf45510 ·
Im having problems with my new system. Just put together my new system. I have...

xfx nforce 780i 3way sli mobo
intel core2 quad q8300 2.5ghz
2.5ghz kingston ram
430w thermaltake ps

when i install everything it seams to boot up fine, but i get no display on my monitor, I've checked all connectins they look fine. But whats weird is that when i replace my new processor with my old pentium 4 it boots up and works fine, i was able to install all drivers and new os. but my quad core still wont work. So i sent it back to get it replaced and when i recieved my new one it did the same thing.

Im hitting a wall here and running out of options, could really use some help

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News to me

by santeewelding In reply to No Display with new quad ...

The motherboard accepts both or either the Pentium 4 and the quad core? What magic is this?

How did you get one or other to fit -- with a hammer?

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socket 775

by twf45510 In reply to News to me

its a socket 775, which the p4 and the quad core are also.
the core 2 quad is also supported by my motherboard- i checked

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BIOS Update

by willcomp In reply to No Display with new quad ...

Have you tried flashing the BIOS?

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by twf45510 In reply to BIOS Update

how do you flash bios, and what does it do?

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Manual Time

by willcomp In reply to how?

Read the manual that came with your motherboard. There is probably a Windows utility to do the BIOS update. The old CPU will need to be installed.

BIOS updates often add support for newer CPUs which weren't around when the motherboard was manufactured.

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Put the quad in and then

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to No Display with new quad ...

boot from the install/repair cd.

or may be just boot into the Bios

If neither works then it's time to have a look at a bios update or switches on the Mobo.

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