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By doyz ·
I recently patched up a pc that was not in use for a long time (apx 2yrs). The problem started when i switched it on... There's no display on the monitor although the routine POST is being carried out. I've checked the CMOS battery, memory and the Cpu everything seems to be working fine.

What could be the problem. Thanks in advance...

Update: The monitor worked just fine when i conneceted it to another pc which i use for my professional work.

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Then by...

by cmiller5400 In reply to No display

Since you "checked" everything else, then by the practice of elimination you get the.....

Here it comes.....

Wait for it.....

video card!!!

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by Kingscorner In reply to No display

Fist of all, the graphics on the pc.Connect to another monitor.If that doesn't work, then its the graphics chip.It will need a graphics card (either pci or other sort) if you have on-board graphics, you may need to disable it on the bios setup

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Well as the others have already said it's related tot he Video Card

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No display

But what you need to do here is look at the Video and how it is generated.

If it is On Board Video you will need to clear the BIOS.

If you have On Board Video and a Plug In Video Card you will need to attach the Monitor Lead to the Plug In Video Card Generally speaking as the On Board Video should be disabled when you plug in a Video Card.

If this has a AGP Video Card you need to remove it and reseat it as the AGP Video Cards can move slightly in the case and break the full connection to the M'Board.

Another thing that can happen with some M'Boards with On Board Video is that the On Board Video Fails and then someone fits a Plug In Video Card and uses that. However some M'Boards do require that the On Board Video works so that you can switch the primary Video Source in BIOS. It all depends on the Make & Model of the M'Board here.


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