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"No Domain Server Available..." Message

By jsmallwood ·
Why does the message "No Domain Server was available to validate your password. You may not be able to gain access to some network resources." occassionaly appear when I attempt to logon to my NT 4.0 network? I am the Administrator, but other, regular users occassionaly get this message also. All network resources are available only the logon scripts do not run. Suggestions?

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A suggestion...

by devin.ellis In reply to "No Domain Server Availa ...

I'm sure we have differnt environments, but when that occurs here, it's usually because they are trying to log into the wrong domain, have lost the primary domain from the profile, or need to do a release and renew.

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I have the same problem

by TomSal In reply to "No Domain Server Availa ...

You're not alone - we get the same from time to time on our NT 4.0 network. Unfortunately my desire to research the reasons and the solutions for this has been put on the back burner by other more pressing issues and projects. In the little posting on forums throughout the Internet I got replies ranging from "Your profiles are corrupted. You need to delete and re-create them" to "Its a CPU load issue. Your CPU is getting too many requests at the same time is under powered to handle them all until it regains more resources back". I guess the latter is the most believeable, considering our PDC is on a crappy 500 mhz 32 meg AMD box, for now (we have a new server for the PDC but we still have to do the actual change over).

Right now I'm trying to figure out why each user who logs into the system gets the "Checking System Policies" dialog box when they logon (it takes like 30 seconds to log on!). This never happened until 2 weeks ago, nothing was changed (that should effect this anyway- we did some stuff with our web server, but totally unrelated to PDC stuff).

Its annoying.

Anyway, there's my 2 cents.

take care.

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