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I originally had a pc build using a used processor, motherboard, video card, hard drive and disk drive (basically the only stuff that was new was the power supply and the case). Anyway, even then my pc would shut off after 20 minutes of usage. So I figured I should just replace almost all the parts especially since I had just gotten the HTC Vive. So I went to microcenter and picked up a new motherboard, processor, and video card. I put everything in and the computer turns on lights and everything, but when I connected to DVI cable my monitor couldn't find a signal (this monitor had been working before with my old video card that took VGA). So I tried another monitor I had that I know for a fact works with DVI, and that one could not find a signal either. Then I decided to just swap out my new video card with the old one and use the VGA cable but that didn't work for either monitor either. I'm honestly at a loss right now and have no idea what the issue is.

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