no email Invitation meeting requests recieved MS Outlook 2003

By robertcleiper2003 ·
I have a user who does not recieve an email invite when being requested to attend a meeting. The request goes straight to his calendar (bypassing the email inbox althogether) and he has to go into the calendar item to accept or decline the meeting request.

Why doesnt he recieve an email invite in his inbox?

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re: no email invitation

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to no email Invitation meeti ...

Is this user responsible for the resource?

Check Tools/Options/Preferences/Calendar Options/Resource Scheduling to see if it is set to automatically accept.

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responsible for resource

by robertcleiper2003 In reply to re: no email invitation

I will double check he doesnt have a delegate set up (although Im sure he doesnt).

He is indeed set up to automatically accept meeting requests. the other two check boxes concerning conflicting and reocurring meetings are unchecked

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Not receiving the email to accept a calendar invite

by frodgers In reply to responsible for resource

I have a user that is not receiving the email to accept an calendar invite. it just shows up in her calendar. The automatic accept meeting requests is not checked.

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I have the same problem

by jteichroew In reply to Not receiving the email t ...

All calendar invites go directly to my calendar, isntead of my inbox, and the automatic "accept meeting requests" is not checked.

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This Resolution Worked For Me

by kfburton24 In reply to I have the same problem

There is a box under the Delegates tab "Send meeting requests and responses only to my delegates, not to me" that must be unchecked. While in MS Outlook, click Tools, Options, Other, Delegates. You could also remove the delegates if they are no longer needed.

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Meeting invites not showing in Outlook 2003

by munizguard-all In reply to This Resolution Worked Fo ...

If all other fail try this:

Tools \ Options \ Others \ Advance Options \ Custom Forms \ Manage Forms \ Clear Cache

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Thanks, but...

by jteichroew In reply to Meeting invites not showi ...

This solution didn't work. If I have Outlook reinstalled, will that take care of the problem?

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by philde In reply to Meeting invites not showi ...

Make the sort order on your outlook shows most recent e-mail on top and not sorted by size or any other criteria.

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This resolution woked also!

by lamy31 In reply to This Resolution Worked Fo ...

That was also the problem for me, all the
requests was being sent to the users
delegates, thanks for sharing it helped.

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Many thanks

by garyrichefond In reply to This Resolution Worked Fo ...

This also worked for me too, very simple really when you know how but thank you again for taking the timwe to share this to all..


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