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no etc/fstab in RH9

By Einskak ·
when i type /etc/fstab in shell it will appear PERMISSION DENIED what a problem? and how to eliminate this problem. and what is a correct command.

pls. help me...


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by EarleZO In reply to no etc/fstab in RH9

Hi, the /etc/fstab file is not an executable file. Rather it contains a list of the partitions and file systems that linux will try to mount at system startup.

To view the file, type cat /etc/fstab

To change the file, use your editor of choice eg vi, pico, emacs, edit, whatever.

When I said /etc/fstab was not executable, I meant that you can't just run it. If you have made changes, they should be implemented the next time your system reboots. To implement any changes immediately, use the command mount -a

Hope this helps


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by CXY In reply to no etc/fstab in RH9

What exactly are you trying to do?

To view the file use `cat /etc/fstab`
To edit the file use `vi /etc/fstab`
To view file information use `ls -l /etc/fstab`

If you use `/etc/fstab` your shell will assume you are trying to execute/run the file. Since the permission is rw-r--r-- (0644), you will not have permission to do that.

Hope that helps

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