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No Experience but I am Certified on pape

By inspireme ·
What really amazes me is that guys pay a fortune to go a class or boot camp and come away with no real training. Most of the authorized cert centers provide minmimal real product knowledge. A certificate without real experience is good for blowing your nose on. I would only attend a center that has servers, desktops, routers etc. for me to set up and learn to configure first hand. The fact remains that IT training must be more than just simulated in a 30 min. bogus lab.
What is needed in our industry are schools that teach and train people in depth. Setting up a systems, users, hardware and software configurations. I would welcome any thoughts on the subject.

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If a class were to

by road-dog In reply to No Experience but I am Ce ...

address the problem of experience outside of the 40 hour classroom / lab, a cost prohibition would come into play. Take a look at the 4 year degree; a diploma without experience is still a major hindrance in spite of the thousands of manhours required to graduate. The "experience" issue remains. Training is training, real world experience by definition MUST occur in the real world.

There is no total training solution, an IT newbie must train and scramble for that first position. No training class will cover ALL permutations and scenarios presented in the real world, and you'd go broke trying to pay for one that would.

The pursuit of the "silver bullet" certification continues.....

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Depends on Trainee Background

by melekali In reply to No Experience but I am Ce ...

I have over 15 years experience in IT and have absolutely no certifications at all. Do I need to have training on actual servers and workstations and pay the extra money this requires? Depends.

If I aready have access to the systems I am getting certified on, I have no need for that extensive and expensive a training environment.

Your point is well taken as I understand it - hands-on experience is indispensible in learning when getting certified in an area of IT.

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