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no experience.

By rickyponting9826 ·
I have no sales experience? Does this limit me from getting an interview?

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It would if you where applying for a position

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to no experience.

As a Salesperson with experience.

However if the company advertising supplies training it will have no effect. It may even prove to be a benefit as many places like to train people to sell their way.


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sales job

by pintomartin9826 In reply to no experience.

There are managers that hire new representatives out of college like you without one shred of sales experience. In fact, managers like candidates like you because you have not been corrupted by another selling model or some other company's way of selling or doing business. Managers want someone who is coachable, driven and wants to succeed. My book breaks down different scenarios of where you may be in the pecking order and tells you what to do in order to get your foot in the door.

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But most folk want to last more than 4 years in a job! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to sales job

Jeez, after 4 years in the job you are hardly an expert are you? You're barely out of nappies.

Unless of course any Numpty can sell drugs?

Then 'go on' to promote an e-book on selling drugs by promoting it via an IT forum - bullseye!

You might get another couple of sales if you correct the seven spelling errors!

Clearly you don't have to be able to spell in order to sell drugs - or maybe actually you do! Which explains you and your dweeb book to selling things you can't spell. :^0

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If you're that good at selling

by Bizzo In reply to sales job

why are you "selling" your ebook by spamming this site? Surely you could get a proper publisher involved?

I mean, seriously, you and the OP are from "newyork", and you both have an email address of "...9826@...", think we were born yesterday???

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