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No Fan

By Rdnck264 ·
My Computer Says Im Missing The Uppper Rear Left Fan but I've Never Had One Before In There. My Bios Is Pheonix 4 Release 6. I Have a Pentium 3 Hp Vectra. Dunno My Motherboard Any Help??


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Most likely there is a setting in the BIOS that has been set incorrectly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No Fan

The connection is not drawing any power so you are receiving the error message. It is a bit like the "Case Open" option unless you have a switch connected it will show the case as being open. What you will have to do is enter the BIOS whichever way HP tels you to during the POST sequence and set all the fan settings to what they should be. Naturally the CPU settings should be left alone unless of course HP didn't put a fan on the heat sink and you have the passive type installed, you'll have to have a look see inside the case on that one. But I would think that there is a header on the M'Board that is set to warn you of a non-functioning fan that has nothing connected. As the speed sensor shows no fan speed you will receive this type of message.

Incidentally this type of thing would be better addressed in the Q & A Section where you will most likely get a faster response and more likely get someone familiar with the hardware you have in your time zone. You also get an auto-generated response every time someone responds to your question so it tends to work out faster for you.


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Possibly fix

by dbucyk In reply to No Fan

First, check to see if there is excess heat coming out of the back. If there isn't, then you have to go into the bios and change that setting to make sure it doesn't autodetect it.

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i have problems in my cooling fan

by nazim_gaggoo In reply to No Fan

0051:e fan error cooling fan error

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