No files or computers over VPN

By mootles22 ·
I need some help with VPN.

I'm using the Windows XP VPN package that's built in and also Windows Firewall to access files at work from home.

I can connect to the VPN link but I can't view any files or computers. I know this has been discussed a lot but there doesn't seem to be any definitive answer as yet.

I have tracked down the problem to the Windows Firewall. A work colleague using a different firewall can access things fine, and if I turn Windows firewall off I am the same but I don't want to keep my firewall off.

I have opened up ports 47, 50, 500, 1723 on both my home router and Windows Firewall. In the exceptions list also, Remote Assistance, Remote Desktop and File Sharing are on.

The only thing weird was that yesterday I tried turning file sharing OFF (disallowed), and it worked for about 5 minutes and then stopped working again. As if Windows Firewall decided actually I don't want you to access files from home.

My IP set at home is with my router at 254. I can't remember my laptop IP. At work the set is and it starts from the router at 1.

I've been searching around and many people seem to have similiar but not identical problems.

Just to recap, it always connects to the VPN but I can only file share very intermittently, if I keep turning File and Printer Sharing on and off in the Windows Firewall exceptions menu.

A walkthrough of port numbers to open on each thing (server's router, client's router, client's firewall, etc) would be extremely useful.



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