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No fixed disk present

By Steel_Trax_Norris2002 ·
I receive this message when I try to start my computer. I was not recieving this message until a week ago. I would like to knowhow to restore or recover mymaster boot record for Windows ME.

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by LMon In reply to No fixed disk present

You must do a repair with with me cd in order to fix the this problem.

or you can run fdisk and fix\mbr

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by Steel_Trax_Norris2002 In reply to

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by sgt_shultz In reply to No fixed disk present

hmmm. sounds like he can't get that far. just in case you are not quite telling us the error message accurately, let me first say, remove all cd's and floppy disks before attempting to boot the system.
pah, you say. well then, i say, have you recently added any thing to inside of box or moved box? check drive cabling for loose/incorrect. check jumper settings on drive if added new drive recently or if not using cable select.
check power to drive. does drive spin?
watch black screen at boot. do you see the system find the hard drive? if not, you have bad cable, bad drive or bad hd controller or loose/missing cables.
boot into bios settings and force a redetect of hd? note current settings and change them to auto and try that. or load default bios settings, should be fine to do that.

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by dmiles In reply to No fixed disk present

Boot your machine,when the startup screen appears,press the designated key to enter bios setup
Choose the floppy as the first boot device,exit and save
Insert a startup disk in floppy drive,boot computer and select the option to run setup without cd-rom support

Let this process complete the cycle,eject floppy and reboot,the system files should be reinstalled.
Now you have to change the reboot order back to original order.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to No fixed disk present

Check Power and IDE cables are connected properly to the hard disk inside the PC.
Make sure the HD is detected during POST when you switch on.
Use FDISK /MBR to restore MBR if necessary.

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