No headphone jack

By ZokuBatsu ·
My TV doesn't have a speaker/headphone jack, and I want to use headphones with it!

Is it possible to convert the composite cable form my DVD player to be received by a pair of speakers or headphones?

I know that composite cable and speaker cables probably use completely different signals, but is it possible?

Could I just solder the cables together?

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No headphone jack

by MichaelGH In reply to No headphone jack

Quick answer: Don't do it. Don't even try. Buy a new TV.

Long answer: Composite video a ‘single cable’ video feed. All of the signal components needed to produce a TV image are
combined together into a single composite signal. This means that the luminance (B&W detail) information,chrominance (colour) information, sound and sync pulses are all
combined. Because it’s ‘everything in one’, composite video is very convenient as a way to transport video information.
However because all of the components are lumped in together, if it works, you will just get an unintelligble, unamplified mess of static out of any speakers or headphones you care to connect. IF it works.

OPTIONS: If you have other types of component (separate) video/audio (on the TV), you could tap into the sound out, but it would likely be unamplified, so you would need a small amp to make use of it. Don't do it.
2. You could hack your TV speakers to put a sound-out jack in the speaker circuit. But this is dangerous as TVs can use household voltage even for sound. So don't do it.
3. Take it to a TV repair shop and ask the tech there what you can do to add a headphone jack. Be prepared to spend $.
4. Buy a new TV, with better connection options.


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>>>Zombie Alert!!<<< ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to No headphone jack

Where did you find a 27-month old question from???

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