No internet access when boot up.

By wilbarcher ·
Router is Netgear wgr614v6 and windows 7, when boot up no internet access until I manually unplug the ethernet connnection from router to computer. All other ethernet ports work fine.
Any ideas?

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Well I have no idea why this is happening other

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No internet access when b ...

Than the TCP-IP Stack being confused.

What does the Device Manager show of the Ethernet Port on the computer when it's in the No Run situation?

Also if you stop the TCP-IP and restart it do you now have a working Internet connection?


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No internet access after boot up

by stephen_raj In reply to No internet access when b ...

I would suggest you to check the router configuration it has to be set to AUTOMATIC to receive response from the modem (ISP). to do this just follow the steps:

*start-> cmd -> ipconfig
*make a note of the default gateway
*open up internet explorer and type the default gateway
*it will take you to the router page
*make sure the internet connection type is set to Automatic

If this does not work configure the router completely with the help of Internet Service Provider.

Hope this helps.
Stephen D.

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You might try resetting the LAN setting.

by johnbutch In reply to No internet access when b ...

Open IE
Click on the TOOLS tab
Click on the CONNECTIONS tab
Click on the LAN SETTINGS button
If on, click off the "Use a proxy server ..." box
Either click on the "Automatically detect settings" box or have no boxes click on

Not sure if this helps your problem or not.

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Try a static ip on the PC ethernet connection and see what happens.

by dave In reply to No internet access when b ...

Assuming or for the router, give it or or any other address that doesn't conflict. Also, are you seeing network activity on the router activity LEDs and the diagnostic LEDs at the back of the ethernet port after boot?

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I have a different solution.

by Ron K. In reply to No internet access when b ...

It's come in handy at times. I hard boot the router, leave the power off for 15-20 seconds then plug it back in. <br>
Thw manual for your router. <br>
My router allows me to save the software configuation. If the router ever 'acts up' I simply reload the configuration file. Even without that it's just a matter of a few minutes to set everything up again.

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its time

by mike In reply to No internet access when b ...

time for a new router

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