no internet access

By nqobizenzo ·
We had a Cisco router that was working up until we reconfigured the billion router (form the ISP) Suddenly all the nodes connected to the newly installed core switch through to the billion router (default gateway) cannot access the internet. I can ping the local DNS server and the default gateway and the troubleshooting diagnostics produces the following results; Windows cannot communicate with the devices or resources (primary DNS server). When i unplug the cables and directly connect to the router, there is internet access but the connection is lost sporadically. (My cabling runs from the billion router to the firewall then to the newly installed core switch)

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What happens if you go static?

by Rob Kuhn In reply to no internet access

Under the assumption that you are DHCP, what happens if you setup one machine with a static IP? Are you able to get Internet? If so recheck your DHCP server.

With the new router, does it have the same IP on the LAN and WAN side as your previous router?

Plugging directly into your new router directly and getting intermittent Internet access could be a duplexing issue or somethinig with your data circuit.

What kinda of data circuit is this? Fiber, cable modem, DSL, ???

You also mentioned that you reprogrammed the new router. Can you be more specific?

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