No Internet connection through Windows 2000 Server and Westell 7500

By pctune ·
I have a 2000 Server setup w/ dhcp, and a westell 7500 in Routed Bridge mode. Here's the Story. A Tech came in and was just supposed to get the wireless working, and reset the westell, well when I got there he was on the phone w/ suppport at frontier to reset the whole damn thing. Well, after he left in a hurry. I cleaned up the mess and got almost everything back up, Internally everything is working, but externally the computers on the Domain cannot access the internet, along with the server. I do not believe he had time to mess with the server settings at all for dhcp, or dns, so my thought is it is still something in the westell 7500 that is not configured correctly. (although, I do believe that frontier changed my DNS, as they do not match up in the server and on the westell anymore, I did add the DNS's to the SERVER, and did not delete the old settings just moved them down in priority.

Please let me know if there is something to try, as we are still down.

One final note... the workstations all have a proxy server setup for internet, not sure why this would be either.

thanks for your help in advance.


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bridge mode usually = no router functions on the modem

by CG IT In reply to No Internet connection th ...

so you either need to place a router between the modem and your LAN to create a network, or assign the public address to whatever host provides internet access to all others .

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I would assume that the proxy server you are using

by robo_dev In reply to No Internet connection th ...

is the ISA server configured in your server?

To clarify your topology, I understand that you have a Westell in bridge mode, but what router/firewall are you using?

I assume this is a DSL connection?

What device is doing the DSL login? The server or a router?

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