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No internet connection/ wireless router

By aelara ·
I recently bought a wireless enabled laptop, a wireless-g 2.4GHZ (54Mpbs) Linksys broadband router and a wireless PCI card for my desktop. I have an always connected broadband connection via a DSL modem.
The problems begin.. I hooked up the wireless router as per the instruction manual with an ethernet cable from the modem to the internet plug in the router and a cable from one of the port plugs on the router to the LAN port on the desktop PC. I configured the router as per instructions and thought I was ready. The laptop picked up a strong signal straight away, but....I cant get on to the internet on either the desktop or the laptop. Its not even seeing an internet connection. I'm at my wits end, someone help me!

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by ReWrite In reply to No internet connection/ w ...

Check the obvious things first:

1-if you have dhcp enabled on your router are your pc's getting an ip address? If you are manually setting the ip's are they in the same network/subnet as your router and do they point to your router as the gateway?

2-did you set the ssid on the router and do your pc's use the same ssid in the card configuration?

3-did you enable wep or wpa on the router and have you set the keys in the pc's card configuration?

4-did you enable any feature's on the router to only accept connections from designated mac addresses and if so are they correct for your nic cards?

To start with, go to a command prompt and type "ipconfig /all" to check the ip address and gateway designated for your pc. Is the ip in the same network as the router and is the gateway correct? This will tell us alot. Post the info back here.



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by aelara In reply to

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by willcomp In reply to No internet connection/ w ...

What is brand of DSL modem?

Westell modems require some setting changes to work with a router.

If Westell, post back and I will provide instructions.


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by aelara In reply to

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by sgt_shultz In reply to No internet connection/ w ...

did you mention os? just buzzing thru: you got multiple routers and strong signal but no internet. see if you can get to website with ip numbers. if yes you have dns problem. check gateway settings. if no you have dhcp lease problelm, figure out for your os: winipcfg /release all /renew all. if no joy, ping everything, note what you can and cannot ping post back

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by aelara In reply to

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by razz2 In reply to No internet connection/ w ...

Lets start by making sure the Linksys is connected to
the net and then troubleshoot the Wireless.

You mentioned no internet connection, but do you have
a LAN connection? If you have at least one cabled
connection to the linksys then get back into the router
admin pages.

(If you have only wireless then check the things
ReWrite said as far as proper ip setup on DHCP or
static by using ipconfig /all. If it appears that you have
gotten an ip then try to get back into the admin pages
with the wireless)

Once into the Linksys setup pages go to the Setup /
Basic Setup page.

If you are on DSL I would guess it is PPPoE so check
that the Internet Connection username and password
are correct for your DSL account. The Linksys will do
the PPPoE login that your DSL software on the PC
used to do.

If it is not PPPoE, lets say static, then check your ip
setup in the router.

If it is DHCP with no Login (Like cable companies use)
then there may be a requirement for the DSL to have
the specific MAC address from the PC NIC. The Linksys
will allow you to clone the MAC onto the Linksys. This is
normally a cable issue and not DSL though.

Make sure you hit the APPLY button if you change

Then find the Status Page. If it is PPPoE there is a
Connect or Disconnect button. Try to connect and see if
you get a public ip. You can then test the connection
from the Linksys Diagnostics Page.

Once that works and the Linksys and/or cabled PC can
get on the NET then chack the wireless. Try it first with
SSID broadcast on and no WEP or the like. Once you're
on then ttighten the security down.

Good Luck,


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by aelara In reply to

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by aelara In reply to No internet connection/ w ...

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