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No internet connection

By digiti124 ·
I have a WINME computer with Aol 9.0 dial up access that I am working on for a friend. He can not connect to Aol anymore the modem dignostic is nominal and it dials out but after a "handshake" nothing is retrieved such as access numbers. I installed a free isp which connects but we can not navigate without a "windows explorer can not open the search page" error. I installed Spybot S&amp and Adaware SE which found DSSAGENT and DSO Exploit. He has not updated or scanned this computer for virii in months. I am thinking about tcp/ip problems? What do you suggest? Thank you.

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by Oz_Media In reply to No internet connection

Try a better browser

I would try Mozilla Firefox, if it works you can oust IE once and for all, saving him many future headcahes. The best browser for people who don't really spend much time blocking and cleaning is one that is less vulnerable. It would probably be a bit faster for his dial up too.

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by digiti124 In reply to

I will try Firefox but that still does not explain why AOL can not connect. He will need AOL because that is his ISP and Internet Explorer for Windows Update. Incidentally I can not update Adaware, or Spybot from within those programs without getting an error while I was connected to the test free ISP. Something must be wrong deeper in Windows for this to happen I surmise for this to happen.

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by dustyD In reply to No internet connection

Did he have system restore monitoring? You could try restoring to an earlier date.

What happened after running the spyware removal?
(You should also turn off system restore before running spyware removal, then back on.)
I have never been one for throwing out the baby with the bathwater, so I'd try removing viruses and hijacks first before installing a new browser on top of problems. You can also use CWShredder.
Check his internet connection for DNS problems. Sounds like it is looking for a search page that it cannot find.

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by ReWrite In reply to No internet connection

Sounds like a malware problem. If you can't use his computer then from yours get a copy of HijackThis and head over to someplace like and post his log file there. They'll be able to check it out.



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by ManISKid In reply to No internet connection

Also, Check the hosts file for errors as these are often updated by virus blockers and the like, it may also be a target for destruction. I suggest getting one from a reputable website and updating it.

Also, check that the computer has enough resources to navigate without timing out, A general cleanup maybe.

One thing that I never got around to checking is AOL follow me system where the network is optimised for users as they travel around. Such as changing to the local isp. I hope he is dialing locally rather than across the country, that could get expensive.

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