No internet on laptops.

By tossick ·
After installing Windows 7 on my main desktop, I find my two laptops cannot access the internet (wireless). Other two desktops (hard wired to router) have no problem -- one is XP one is Vista. What's up with that?

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ssid, passphrase, security mode

by oldbaritone In reply to No internet on laptops.

would be my first guesses.

Also, Win-7 will not connect to an unsecured network by default; you must explicitly tell it that you want to connect, and acknowledge the security warning.

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It's Not the Windows 7 PC

by tossick In reply to ssid, passphrase, securit ...

The main computer with Windows 7 has no problem -- it's the two laptops that won't connect since I've installed W7 on the main PC.

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Laptops are connecting thru internet connection sharing ( Wireless )

by -nhone- In reply to No internet on laptops.

Did you mean that laptops are connecting via wireless internet connection from your windows 7 desktop? or directly to wireless router?

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Laptops Not Connecting

by tossick In reply to Laptops are connecting th ...

No, the laptops will not connect at all.

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Sorting things out..

by -nhone- In reply to Laptops Not Connecting

1.You have wired computer and wireless laptop?
2.Wired computer set ip automatic while wireless configure to static ip?
3.trace your gateway (which would probably your router).
4.if you just install win7 in your desktop computer it doesn't appear to affect wireless configuration of your router.
5.check your router wireless configuration.

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I am confused.

by dldorrance In reply to No internet on laptops.

How many computers constitute your arrangement?

Which ones are wired and which is (are) wireless?

Is the wireless router actually transmitting?

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More info...

by maclovin In reply to No internet on laptops.

The ones that cannot access the internet, that are on wireless, do that actually connect to the wireless Access Point?

Do you have any MAC filtering on the wireless access point set up? Some CAN show connected to the AP, but not be able to access the internet.

Can you even ping the router's IP? (i.e. your default gateway)

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