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    No Internet, Only Intranet


    by mmorse ·

    I have a Dell Latitude D800 laptop. I have it a network. The computer can’t ping out to the internet. I rejoined the computer to domain, but it only will see the intranet. The network is just set up with a PDC and not active directory. The DNS server resolves all the internet sites, but won’t ping them! HELP.

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      by mmorse ·

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      What separates your internal network from the Internet?

      This could be caused by many different things. It could be as simple as ICMP being blocked by a firewall or router. Or, it could be a deeper routing issue within the bounds of your internal network.

      First, make sure ICMP is enabled. As an alternative, you can attempt to telnet port 80 on a well-known web-site. For example:

      “telnet 80”

      Ping is only a good check of connectivity if all firewalls in the path allow ICMP packets to pass.

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