no internet only when wireless router is hooked up

By tgrugnale ·
here's my situation, i have an older computer that ive had on a TRENDnet wireless router for over a year. Recently my desktop and laptop have been running ridulously slow, to the point where pages won't load and even trying to open an application that's on the desktop takes minutes when it should only take a few seconds.

The strange thing is that when i disconnect the wireless router and hook up my desktop only w/ the broadband router, it works like normal. If i try plugging the router back in, both the desktop and laptop slow way way down again.

So you're probably saying, "The router is shot", but this occured to me as well and i just finished installing a brand new D-Link router. I finished up and both the desktop and laptop were working fine for about 10 minutes when the warning displayed that the internet connection from the braodband router to the wireless router is no longer connected. If I unhook the NEW wireless router and go back to only using the broadband router, everything works.

I don't get it. I've had a wireless router on this computer for a year now and suddenly i can't use a wireless router on it? It doesn't make sense. Is there some kind of virus or whatever that would make stuff like this occur? What can i do?

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More information needed?

by wearearewe In reply to no internet only when wir ...

First of all I have to say I feel for ya, these types of issues can be frustrating to say the least.

A couple of things to check:
- The ethernet patch cable from your modem to your router. Even if you use the same patch cable when you hook your desktop to the modem directly, swap it out to eliminate this as a possible cause.
- I assume your desktop is wired to your wireless access point and your laptop is wireless? What happens if you wire both the desktop & laptop directly? What happens if you wire only the desktop. What happens if you wire only the laptop? Use this process of elimination to see which combination causes the slow down.
- My guess is one of your "client" network devices has gone bad and using the process of elimination will identify this.

Let me know what you find.


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RE: Is there some kind of virus or whatever

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to no internet only when wir ...

While technically possible that the WiFi Access Point could be infected it isn't very likely.

However what is more than quite possible is that both your Modem and WiFi Access Point are attempting to Issue DHCP Addresses and your computers are falling over themselves in an attempt to try to work out what is happening on the LAN here.

If you have a Modem with more than 1 Ethernet Port you'll need to enter the setup for this Device by plugging a Cable directly to it and accessing the device from the computer on the other end of the Ethernet cable and disable DHCP on the Modem.

As you have a WiFi Access point involved you'll need DHCP on that or you could do away with both the Modem & the Router and replace them both with 1 Device to do the same job.

It's also possible that the IP Addresses of both devices are the same but the DHCP is much more likely.


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