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By Mr. Davy ·
Good day, I am a new member who has had this problem since last week. I've tried everything that I know to fix this problem but to no avail. My question, after going through hours of online reading about fixes for this problem on various sites including this one, is has anyone come up with a workable solution as all of the fixes i've tried don't work for me. BTW it was working (internet was been transmitted before, i've had this router for about 6 months and just getting this problem, I didn't change anything. I am now only been connected to the network. The internet light is lit on the router also. Help !1

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As I have no idea of what you have tried

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to NO INTERNET SIGNAL BROADC ...

Does the Phone Line work?

Is this a ADSL Net Connection?

If it's not a ADSL Connection is there any activity at all on the Line?

Have you tried unplugging the modem and leaving it off Power not turned off for 30 seconds and then plugging back in?

Are all the wires correctly plugged in?

Have you tested the actual Cables for correct function?

If you have a CAT 5 Cable to the Computer from the Modem have you checked to make sure that a Cross Over Cable has not been inserted? May sound silly but the number of times that I've seen this happen is no joke. :0

If none of that is any help post back with what you have done and what is actually in use. Also I suppose testing the Modem with a Known Good One for function wouldn't hurt either. A light being out may say that there is No Connection to the ISP or that the Modem has failed.

As a last resort have you tried contacting the ISP and making sure that their system isn't down or that their bill was paid? I wasted hours once because the client didn't pay a bill and was disconnected.


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Thanks Hal.

by Mr. Davy In reply to As I have no idea of what ...

My network is working (which would suggest that cables are connected properly)and I have six computers on it(not all connected at the same time). I have internet connection, its just not been broadcasted through the router. The internet light on the router is also lit, which unless the router is malfunctioning means that internet is going to the router.

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The Router could have been scrambled by a Power Spike

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks Hal.

So all you need do is unplug the power to it leave it for about 10 or so seconds and plug the power back in.

But I have had numerous cases where a Critical Cat 5 Cable has been replaced with Crossovers on so many occasions that I always test any Cables as a first step in fault finding. I recently had a Secure Environment where the system was working one day and the next no Internet or E Mail. As the server was Secured it was not considered necessary to find the Key to the Server Room as it couldn't be in there as no one could get in. A day latter when they finally let me in I found a Hand Made Crossover Cable between the Router and first Hub/Switch.

Apparently the Secure Server Room wasn't quite so secure as the cleaners had keys to get in there and one caught a Patch Cable broke it so he/she grabbed another one which to them looked the same and fitted it to save any problems. Didn't quite work out that they where as Secure as they thought they where. :^0


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